Christmas is over and your bellies have had time to rest. Bring on the New Year’s parties and celebrations and FOOD! Enjoy this delicious collection of New Years Eve Recipes.



Almost every year for New Year’s Eve we celebrate with some of our law enforcement family. And believe me, there is no shortage of good food.

We’ve eaten anything from what feels like the last meal of the year to little bite finger foods. The kitchen and dining room is filled with more food than we can possibly consume in one evening.


You’ve decided to plan a New Years Eve party and you’re asking yourself what are good foods for New Years Eve. Finger foods are the way to go and those can range from hot appetizers and dips to desserts and charcuterie boards.

Appetizers for New Years Eve

Just because you’re throwing a New Years Eve party doesn’t mean all the work has to fall on you or that you have to serve a big dinner.

As you invite your friends and family members, ask everyone to bring a dish to share. For those who shy away from any kind of food prep perhaps they can bring champagne cocktails or a bottle of their favorite drink to share.

Easy appetizers and hot dips go a long way. One of our favorite appetizers that we love to serve is hot spinach dip. It’s a family favorite during the holiday season and it’s one that still tastes good even at room temperature.

If you have a slow cooker or an instant pot you can serve a variety of new year’s eve appetizers including BBQ meatballs and soups.

More easy appetizer suggestions are mozzarella sticks and pigs in a blanket.

If you want to make things even easier, serve cold appetizers for New Years Eve like a vegetable crudite or a festive charcuterie board.

Desserts for New Years Eve

In the times were living in where viruses are running rampant it’s a good idea to offer single serve foods at your New Years Eve party. One easy way of doing that is by serving a variety of desserts.

A few of our favorite single serve desserts are cupcakes and cake pops. You can also make chocolate covered strawberries on a skewer.

To make things even more festive you can put together goody bags for guest to grab and munch on throughout the night.

New Year’s Eve Party Foods

Now that you have some ideas on what to serve and eat on New Years Eve, take a look at these delicious recipes that I’ve rounded up. From hot crab dip served with crusty bread to finger foods using puff pastry, there is no shortage of easy recipes to choose from.

New Years Eve Appetizers & Desserts

Appetizers and desserts are the perfect menu for any New Years Eve get together. Guest can chat over some wine and dip and kids can snack on sweet treats while waiting for the ball to drop. Easy recipes and easy clean up - everyone wins!

Need more appetizer recipes? Check out this collection of 25 Hot Party Dips!


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