If you’re looking for some Easy to Make Father’s Day Crafts to make for dad, we’ve got you covered. From wonderful keepsake gifts to gifts that dad can use like keychains and mugs, there is something here for every age group.

Father's Day Crafts

Keep reading to see all of the fun things dad will love to receive on his special day.

I remember one of the first homemade Father’s Day gift I made for my dad. It was a wallet made out of leather and plastic lacing cord.

If you were an 80’s kid, I’m sure you know the one I’m talking about.

We made the craft in Sunday School and although it was definitely more suitable for older students, it was still so nice to make something homemade for dad.


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Of course there’s no rule that says gifts have to be handmade. It’s idea when you have young children at home, of course, but it’s not the only way to say Happy Father’s Day to dad.

Store bought gifts are always an option – especially when the kids are older and not into crafts anymore.

Coming up with the perfect Father’s Day craft for dad, more so when your kids are small, make the gift-giving experience more special.

If you happen to be the owner of a Cricut or Silhouette and want to make Dad a cool shirt, here are some awesome FREE SVGS FOR DAD AND GRANDPA.

When it comes to coming up with a gift for dad or the person who is the father figure in a child’s life, there are always the few gifts that stand out as favorite Father’s Day Crafts. Let’s take a quick peek!


You can’t go wrong with a painted wooden picture frame for dad. Now that we live in a technical age, filling those frames are easy because we can just print a digital version of any picture to fill that frame.


Giving dad a mug, especially if he’s a coffee drinker, is never a bad gift idea. You can easily customize one with some Sharpie markers or some vinyl lettering.


When it comes to Father’s Day gift ideas, a keychain is a no brainer. Make your own or pick one up a the store; either way, dad will love it.


A new favorite Father’s Day gift idea has become surveys or questionnaires about dad. I created this popular Fun Facts About Dad printable a few years back and it’s a reader favorite. There’s even a Fun Facts About Grandpa. You can download them both for free here on The Girl Creative.


Keepsake gifts are the ones that hold sentimental value. They are a special gift that when a person looks at it, they think of the special memories tied to it.


Handprint crafts are keepsake gifts. There’s few things more precious than giving the special man in children’s lives a gift with their handprint on it.

Que all the “awws” and tears, right?


Thumbprint crafts fall under the same category as handprint gifts. Looking back on a handprint gift over the years, it will make you wonder how your now teenager was ever that small.


Footprint gifts hold the same sentimental value as the other “print” gifts. Oftentimes the handprint and footprint gifts are made with finger paint and construction paper.

To prolong the life of these gifts, consider lamination or framing.


When I put this collection together it made me sad that my kids are kind of past the homemade Father’s Day Card and gift age. There are so many unique, fun and budget-friendly ideas for dad out there.

If you work with kids of all grade levels whether at church or in a homeschool setting, here are some supply staples to keep on hand.

Making homemade gifts for any occasion is a special way to spend some quality time with your kids in this ever-busy world we live in.

Check out this list of 23 gift ideas just for dad!

Father's Day Printables, Cards and Crafts

Dads do so much for their families and they deserve more than one day to be celebrated. We know how busy life gets, especially raising a family, so make them feel special on Father's day with these fun and easy Father's Day Printables, Cards and Craft ideas!


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