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Growing up we had this doll with a pull string and one of the many phrases she would say was, “If you had three wishes, what would you wish for?” Hmmmm……3 wishes. Boy oh boy what I could do with three wishes! If you think about it, when you get the gifts that you want at Christmastime it’s like getting your wishes fulfilled. Whether it’s a gift that someone brings you in person or a gift that arrives at your doorstep delivered by UPS, it all originates from a wish. What a fun concept that is if you think about it.


This holiday season UPS is running an amazing #WishesDelivered campaign. For every wish that gets tweeted or shared on Instagram using the hashtag #wishesdelivered, UPS will donate $1 to one of the charities they support (Salvation Army, Boys and Girls Club of America or Toys for Tots) up to $100,000. Now. Since this is the season of giving wishes should be for someone else. And for me, I know just who I want to make a wish for!


I’m going to submit a wish this year for my one of my sisters, Kate. I have three sisters (I’m the youngest of 4 girls) and Kate and I are the closest in age. She’s definitely my best friend even though we haven’t lived close to each other in over 12 years. We can laugh and cackle and make zero sense to everyone around us but know exactly what the other one is saying. Aside from my husband, children and parents, I love her most of all. She’s one of my favorite people. And I am SOOOO excited that after a lot of heartbreak and infertility that she is FINALLY pregnant. With TWINS!! My family is over the moon excited about these babies! Katie 23 weeks Baby Bump In this photo, Kate is 23 weeks. She is a teacher living on Long Island with her husband and not only is the cost of living high but the cost of daycare is astronomical. My wish is that she’d be able to stay home to enjoy just being a mom without the additional stress and worry of the financial aspect of it. Motherhood is the greatest experience of all time but it’s a costly one. Kate has waited a long time to become a mom and has gone through loss and heartbreak and infertility all while keeping her faith and trust in God and I don’t want her or her babies to lack anything. You can read more about her journey over at her blog, A Hundred Affections.


Here’s the scoop on this campaign and a reminder of how you can submit your wish! Deadline for submitting wishes:

  • December 31, 2014

How to Submit a Wish:

  • Post your wish to Twitter or Instagram with the campaign hashtag #WishesDelivered and it will automatically be submitted. You can also submit wishes directly on the #WishesDelivered site.

Wishes should be:

  • Selfless and meaningful and made on behalf of another person.

Wishes should not be:

  • Superficial. For example: no one needs the new iPhone 6.

Now, get on Twitter and Instagram and start wishing! It’s a such a simple and fun way to give back. Remember $1 per tweet or Instagram post using hashtag #wishesdelivered will be donated to charity up to $100K and you can be a part of it!

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