Sunday Best Linky Party

Welcome to the Sunday Best linky party! I’m so glad that you decided to spent your Sunday night hanging out over here! We had a great party last week and you can check out this fun SPRING CRAFT IDEAS featured post to see if you were featured!

Question of the Day:

Do you prefer that all blog posts be craft/DIY related or would you like to see some personal posts mixed in? Leave your answer in the comments!

Sunday Best Feature Image


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  1. Hi Diana,

    I personally like link parties that people can post anything from crafting to sewing to recipes. I like to see what everyone is doing and not just some little niche. Even though I may only blog about baking I like to see the crafts that others do, they inspire me to get out there and expand my boundaries. Oh well that is just my opinion. Have a great week and thanks for the party!

    Raven J. True Blue Baking

  2. Thanks for hosting the party! I agree with Raven, even though I only do food it’s also nice to see what everyone else is doing too. As for adding personal postings to your blog, if you want to do it, I say do it! It’s true that people like to get to know the person behind the crafts or cooking and baking. You can still add in personal snippets while doing what you are already doing too. Go with your heart <3

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