Just Something I Whipped Up

What a crazy weekend we had! We had a freak snow storm that caused us and a ton of other people to lose power. We were without it for almost 24 hours and it was not a fun time! Then we finally get it back and we are having wireless issues. Oy! It’s late and I just wanted to get our linky party post up and running and I will resume the Blogiversary Celebration posts on Tuesday. I look forward to seeing what everyone has been working on! 🙂



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  1. Glad ya’ll are mostly okay! I’m down in South-Eastern VA, and while it didn’t snow here, the wind and temperature drop were enough to get folks going. Amazing you’ve got it together enough to still host “Just Something I Whipped Up” thanks so much, and keep warm!

  2. hey there my friend! so glad you got your power back — we just got it back after more than 2 days and then we lost cable! lol!!!! needless to say GOING CRAZY!!!! right…weren’t you like nuts with no power and let’s not even mention how COLD it was — we reached 48 degrees in the house…even the doggies had pj’s on! so glad to be back to normal whatever that is and so glad you are up and running!!! thank you for having this sensational linky party…from a jersey girl…you rock! : ) hugs!

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