Just Something I Whipped Up with Dilly Dally and Flitter

Ideas for clever household items are everywhere…
sometimes it’s just a matter of thinking outside the box!
my hubbs is the cooker, and he is particular about his pots and pans…
-very important that they don’t touch each other

and since I’m the pot-putter-away-er 
{also known as ‘the maid’}
I had enough with paper towels in between every pot and pan in the drawer

Introduce:  spongy shelf liner from my neighbors moving sale 
{see babe- I TOLD you I would use it somewhere}
So easy…. 
trace and cut a circle
{I used a large stock pot lid}
and then cut pie-slice-style cuts into the circle
The cuts allow for the ‘bend’ in the pots and pans
NOTE:  After using these for a couple of months now, I believe my cuts are too deep
You really just need about a 2″ cut {you can always cut in a little further if you need to}
So, what did you whip up this week!?
Can’t wait to see!


We only have 2 simple rules to this shindig:

  1. Grab a button and put it ANYWHERE on your blog – I don’t care where.
  2. Link up a PROJECT post and not your main blog.

That’s it! Oh yeah and HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

The Girl Creative


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  1. Thanks for hosting another fun party! I hope you’ll have a chance to stop by and check out my tutorial for making a no-sew shopping cart cover. :)Happy Easter!


  2. crap i used my blog address instead of just the post… darn it and now i don’t know how to fix it… and i have too many little boys to chase to try to figure it out… can you help???

  3. This site is GREAT!!!! I just found it as I am realtively new to this whole blogging thing. My blog is about cupcakes/sweets and tea party related fare. I linked up my post about bloggers bake for hope where various bloggers have donated their baked goods for an online bake sale to raise money for Susan G Komen Race for the cure. There is a link to the site on my blog. It is pretty inspiring. Thanks again – cant wait to check out some of the AWESOME ideas on the links above. I am so impressed by all of these amazing women! What power we have collectively!

  4. Oh my! This is FANTASTIC!! Seriously!!

    I am now following you everywhere that I see possible here!

    Like that? Maybe you’ll link up with my new Super STALKER Sunday and you can do the same with others and vice versa? I can’t wait! I think this Blog Hop will be HUGE!

    I also should mention that I have a FANTASTIC Blog Hop Directory that has at least a dozen blogs listed for every day of the week. No kidding! Come and check it out! : )

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