Just Something I Whipped Up – SEWING EDITION

Hello and Happy New Year!!! Hope everyone had a happy and safe new year!

Remember last Monday I told you about a change I was making to Just Something I Whipped Up? Well, the change is here! Starting today, each Just Something I Whipped Up party will have a THEME and this week’s theme is SEWING. I’m super excited about it because I think sewing is my most favorite thing to do craft wise. I’m not that great at all but I really enjoy doing simple projects. 🙂

  • Add a link to a specific SEWING RELATED post not your blog homepage.
  • It would be really cool if you could grab a button and add it to your blog somewhere, I’m not picky.

The Girl Creative

Happy Linking!

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  1. Love the new theme idea! Any where to get a heads up on what the next themes will be?

    Anyway about the sewing, love this theme cause I am actually wanting to learn to sew this year! Have done some small projects but with my mother helping every step of the way. Getting ready to take a short basic sewing class at a local craft store! Can’t wait! Thanks for the inspiration everyone!

  2. Hi.
    I like your blog , so much good ideas to be found among the linkies.
    Ive added one.
    Its one of the dresses ive made for norwegian Celebritys.
    She was going to a party wich is one of the biggest celebpartys during the year here in Norway.
    The theme was Toga,
    As we imagined everyone would be in white we decided to gowith colourfull purple , to stand out.
    Afterall the old Greeks used lots of colour, time only washed it away from the statues 😉
    Her dress is also not a toga, but more inspired-by…
    Need i say she had the best dress and got her pic in all the newspapers and magz ?
    Have a nice day;)
    Love Linn, Norway.

  3. Me again 😉
    Added one More.
    Norwegian Folk costume.
    Bunad from the area Nordhordaland
    ( on the west coast 😉
    Ive now added a link to yopur site at my blog .
    CU <3

  4. Lucky me it was sewing this week! 🙂
    Hope I will be able to enter my other projects too before the linky runs out … still gotta write up the posts … *hurry off*

    Thanks for the fun party!

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