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Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful day yesterday! I want to hear all about it. 🙂 Our Christmas plans fell through when my husband got sick and wound up in the ER all day. It actually all started when my 4 year old tossed her cookies on Christmas Eve. We were supposed to travel 2+ hours to Long Island, NY to spend the day at my sister’s with my family but that didn’t happen. Instead me and the girls stayed home (no one to watch the little boogers on Christmas Day) after we took Mr. GC to the ER. Thankfully he was home that evening……..just in time for me to get whatever he had (only a much more mild version) so there you have it. Probably our worst Christmas to date. lol I hope everyone had a much better day than we did. 🙂

Before we get started with our weekly linky party I wanted to announce a CHANGE that will take place with our Just Something I Whipped Up party beginning next Monday, January 3. Every week we link up projects to just about anything we’ve been working on. That’s going to change. Each week we will link up a project with a different theme. I think on the FIRST Monday of the month we will link up SEWING PROJECTS ONLY. The following Monday it will be something else, and so on. I have not figured out the schedule yet but will let you know asap.

But for this week, link up WHATEVER PROJECT YOU WANT. Can’t wait to see what everyone has been working on and am really looking forward to this new change.

  • Add a link to a specific post not your blog homepage.
  • Can be anything you’ve been working on from recipes, to sewing, to mod podge, to a before and after, to a room re-do, to………..well you get the idea. 🙂
  • It would be really cool if you could grab a button and add it to your blog somewhere, I’m not picky.

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Happy Linking!

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  1. I know how you feel – that happened to our family about 5 years ago except all 5 of us were sick at the same time! Hope your family feels better soon and enjoys the rest of Christmas break!!

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