Just Something I Whipped Up {and housekeeping}

Hello friends! I hope everyone is doing well. How are my east coast readers? Anyone affected by Hurricane Sandy? We lost power for about 14 hours which was nothing compared to what others are dealing with. Let’s remember to pray for all those who lost homes and loved ones and let’s remember to be thankful when we feel like complaining. 

I’m changing Just Something I Whipped Up a teeny, tiny bit. I’m adding a few guidelines and you can do with them what you will. 🙂 

Also, I’d love to encourage some interaction with you guys so at the end of each post, I will be asking a question and you can leave your answer in the comments!

The Girl Creative
Question of the week: 
What is one goal you have for this week? 
Mine is to stay on program (Weight Watchers) and to journal everything I eat. I’ve been struggling the last month or so and I really need to re-focus. 
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  1. My goal is to spend as much time with my mom as possible. She is visiting this week and I want to see her and let her get to be with her grad kids as much as possible!

  2. My goal for this week: get started on sewing up some Christmas gifts for my 3-year-old and his cousin, they are getting aprons & chefs hats 🙂 They both love to pretend to cook.. so it’s very fitting.

    Thanks for hosting, and glad to hear that Sandy didn’t disrupt you too bad. Certainly we are saying prayers and sending warm thoughts to everyone affected!!

  3. I love this question! Goals are SO important, yet so easy to let slip by without determining them. My goal this week is to stay positive…through all the trials and tribulations a positive attitude is the most important thing. I find the downward spiral is easy for me to slip into. I WILL NOT DO THAT THIS WEEK!

  4. Thanks for hosting! My goal for this week is to get some exercise. I am a stay at home mom with a 2 year old so it can be hard to fit it in, but I am really trying to make it a priority! 🙂

    1. I’ve been off my game with exercise because my one year old has not been sleeping well and my husband has been working crazy hours so I’m tired!!! lol Trying to push past that this week though! 🙂

  5. Love your link party thanks for sharing with us!

    My goal this week is to get caught up on homemade projects for Christmas baskets and get ready for a get together at home Thurs. evening. Hopefully it isn’t too much to achieve!

  6. I’m new to your site…having TONS of fun poking around and catching-up with all your fabulousness 😉

    I actually have the SAME goal this week! I need to recommit to WW…my meeting is tomorrow evening and I have to go face the music…holding myself accountable for the past couple of weeks will NOT be pretty. Another goal…to forgive myself and move forward instead of giving up!

  7. Hi Diana
    What a great way to start the week with your linky party. I’m linking up my altered tin can ala baseball theme! It’s for all the sports fans in our lives.


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