Just Something I Whipped Up and Some Wedding Details

Thank you all sooooo much for leaving me comments on New Friend Friday. I loved reading them and getting to know you better. 🙂 I can’t wait until this Friday. I have an idea for a new “get to know you” question. 🙂

Okay, before I get to the party I figured I’d share a few details (and pictures) from my sister’s wedding. The day started off with me getting a horrible haircut. Ugh! Bangs WAY shorter than I had expected or wanted. Good thing it was not my special day. I just grinned and beared it. :/

We had to travel over 2 hours and that went off without a hitch……for the first 30 minutes when we realized we left Mr. Girl Creative’s shoes at home. Not a big deal. A trip to Target remedied that!

Fast forward a few hours to the pre-wedding pictures when my 6 year old, Emilee, got mud on the bottom of my sister’s dress. Luckily a little bleach took care of that. But that is when the stress began for Mr. GC.

The Bridal Party and the Bride got to the church a few minutes late b/c apparently no one gave the limo driver the memo on exactly where the church was located or how to make an illegal (shhhh!!!) left turn into the church, thus detoring us and the whole motorcade behind us through some random neighborhood instead of just turning around in Walmart.

Whew, we’re at the church, all is well, everyone is in place, the bride has just walked in when I hear my 3 year old (Gracie) yell, “I want out of here!” proceeded by big sister Emilee’s not so quiet “Shhhhhh, Gracie! Or else we’re not going to Disney World”. Next thing I know, all is quiet and peaceful………because Mr. GC took both girls out to the car and missed the entire wedding.

Let me not get started on the 8:00pm reception. LOL My sister looked beautiful, she had a great day, her groom was on cloud 9 so in spite of all of the chaos that surrounded me and my brood, it was the perfect day for the perfect couple. Here are a few pics….

Doesn’t she look beautiful??? I’m soooooo happy for her. 🙂

Thanks for letting me share my weekend with you. Onto the Linky Party!

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  1. What a gorgeous couple! Sounds like all went well, even with a few mishaps. 🙂 Congrats to your sister!

    Thank you for hosting this each week 🙂

  2. Okay, I’m slow. Is your sister the author of One Girl’s Journey to the Altar? If so, I’ve been following her journey for some time. She’s absolutely lovely!

  3. Caution Flag – yes, that’s her! 🙂 She looked so beautiful and her husband was beaming when she walked into the church. He truly was sooooooo happy and excited on their wedding day. It was so nice to see them so happy and just enjoying their day. 🙂

  4. Thanks for hosting & sharing your sister’s wedding adventures with us. We all have some craziness at our weddings don’t we? I’m new at this link party stuff but am having a blast! It has even inspired me to do one, too! As soon as I figure out how! Could you tell me, how to start one?? I’m now a follower of yours.. I hope you will go to santasgiftshoppe.blogspot.com
    & find some ideas that might inspire you & your family/Home. I hope you will follow me too. I just finished 4 Kitchen Chairs for $1.25 ea. with black & white polka dots fabric..then 4 stools..a hutch..a table runner..& napkin holder, & aprons (that I sell)..I couldn’t stop! Ha! Ha! Anyway I have aprons, bows, vinyl lettering, one-painting, jewelry & Lots of recipes..so leave me a comment if you would & tell me what you think..Have a great day! Barb

  5. Your sister looks gorgeous, I love when brides wear their hair down! Her and her new husband look sooo happy, thanks for sharing! *Hugs* about your bangs, I’m sure they look great, but I know I’ve that happen and remember how much it stunk. 🙁

    Thanks so much for hosting!
    -Ann Marie

  6. You are right, she is a beautiful bride. I like weddings – if I am the photographer – hubs takes care of my girls and what I hear from your kids sounds a lot like what I hear from my kids!!

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