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What a whirlwind weekend this has been! Yesterday my husband was dragging me off to a children’s ministry training which I did NOT want to go to. I’m in my 9th month of pregnancy, I’m tired and cranky and I have sciatica so the last thing I wanted to do was go to a training where I would probably be sitting in uncomfortable chairs, not know anyone and have to be social. I said I’d go because Mr. GC went to the last one alone and figured I could handle it for the 2 hours it was supposed to be.Β  All morning he’s asking me “How much do you hate me for making you go to this?” My answer: “A LOT!”. lol

We get there and he tells me to walk in first which is something I hate to do when we go places. Guess what my response was? “Ya know?? Now I really hate you because you drag me off to this thing and now you are making me walk in first”. I know, I’m mean. Anyhow, I open the door and lo and behold “SURPRISE!!!!!!!” My friends had gotten together to throw me a suprrise baby shower. I could not have been more thrown off and more surprised. I totally did NOT see that coming and anyone who knows me knows that I am THE hardest person to surprise.

Not because I don’t like surprises but because someone always ruins it for me. Case in point: My 21st birthday party. I get a phone call the afternoon of the party from some girl asking me how my party was. When I asked her what she was talking about, she clams up and hangs the phone up. Next up: My Bridal Shower. My nana was visiting from out of state for my cousin’s graduation and at the party (onΒ  Friday) she says good-bye to me saying she’s flying back home on Saturday. Two seconds later she is whispering to my sister “I’ll see you tomorrow!!”. Lastly: My Baby Shower for my first daughter over 7 years ago. My brother-in-law asks me how my shower was and then when he realizes what he’s done, he tries to cover it up but I knew. SO……..as you can see, I have yet to be surprised. My best friend from Long Island came up to surprise me. My friends from church, my neighbors, etc. It was such a special day. I felt so blessed and now Kole has a bunch of stuff that he really needs. AND I got the Pack and Play that I really wanted, never registerd for and never told anyone about. God is good!!!

Okay, next week is BOUNCING BABY WEEK. We still have some openings in the following categories:

  1. Embarrasing Mommy Stories
  2. Reviews and Giveaways for Baby Related Products
  3. NEW CATEGORY: Cutest Little Baby Face – Submit pictures of your little cutie pie and I will show them off for you. Send them to thegirlcreative@gmail.com
  4. NEW CATEGORY: Nursery Decor – Share what you have done in your babies nursery. I will post pictures and ideas and link them to your blog posts.

Okay, time to link up. Thank you everyone for your feedback last week regarding The Girl Creative blog. I have decided that there is only 2 rules to this party.

  1. Grab a button and put it ANYWHERE on your blog – I don’t care where.
  2. Link up a PROJECT post and not your main blog.

That’s it! Have fun! πŸ™‚

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  1. I am so glad that you got a sweet surprise! Enjoy your last month and try to stay off your feet! xoxo Bev

  2. What a fun surprise! And what a fun week…I’m have to see if I can find some cute baby pics of my guys:)

  3. Fun surprise … and your last month! … Enjoy it and SLEEP as much as you can! Thanks for hosting!
    Dana @ D’Lea Designs

  4. Sounds like my husband trying to get me to my baby shower for my first child! He woke me from a sound sleep, I felt lousy not realizing I was just one week away from delivering instead of three, we had to drive 1/2 hour to his mother’s house for a ‘cookout’ for which I made dessert, and it was a surprise baby shower for me! I felt like a real heel when I figured out what was going on, but come on…you don’t wake a 9 month pregnant exhausted mom-to-be from a nap for anything less than a dire emergency!

    Hope all goes well with your delivery!


  5. I hope you can get comfortable and rest with your sciatica. That pain is ruthless. I was not liking your hubby at the first part of your post but he turned out to be a pretty swell guy afterall – ha. I’m glad you finally got a good surprise! Thanks for hosting!

  6. What an awesome surprise that must have been! My sister hosted a surprise shower for me with my first one, and it was so lovely to be surprised like that.

    Thanks so much for adding my blog to your list- I really appreciate it:)


  7. love it, what a fun hubby you have! congrats on your pregnancy, i loved being preggo but after 4 we’re done! (:

    thanks for hosting! just linked up a fun interchangeable felt necklace.

    happy tuesday! (: kelli & kristi

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