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Be Inspired Link Party-Thursday

I feel like so much has happened this week that I can’t let this party go by without first mentioning a few things. In a word, Orlando. This past week alone, 3 horrible things happened in Orlando. First, The Voice contestant Christina Grimmie was senselessly gunned down and killed while signing autographs after a show. The next day or so the country’s biggest mass shooting took place at a well known gay bar in Orlando. Then most recently an alligator snatched a precious 2 year old from the shore of a Disney resort resulting in his tragic death. To watch the news and hear these stories has been heartbreaking. Take the time to cherish your loved ones. Make sure you hug them tight and let them know you love them. Make amends with those friends and family members who you’ve had a falling out with. Life is precious and only God knows when our last day will be. I encourage you (if you’re a believer in Jesus Christ) to pray for those affected by this week’s tragedies. Don’t pass judgement. Let God be the judge. Let us just love as He has commanded us to. Christians, be a light in this darkness.

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Last week’s party was smaller but we had some great links!

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  1. Hey Gina, I appreciate your thoughts on unity and the wise advice to appreciate our loved ones.
    I just cannot agree to loving those that wish us harm.

    1. I was actually referring to loving those who we don’t agree with on moral standards……although the Word of God does say to love our enemies. Not saying that’s an easy thing to do though! 🙂 XO- DIANA

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