Happy New Year, a Thank You and Secret Sister Info

I wanted to say thanks SO MUCH to everyone who gave me suggestions for the Birthday gift I needed to make for my secret sister. I finally did come up with something and I will be posting pictures next week. I also plan on featuring some of your ideas sometime next week so keep your eyes open. It just might be yours!!

Someone has asked me for some details on the Secret Sister we do at my church so I thought I’d post about it in case anyone else was interested. Basically at the beginning of every new year the women in my church get together for a New Year’s party. During that party we choose new secret sisters and reveal the names we chose the previous year. At the beginning of the party, those that want to participate will fill out a questionnaire, fold it up and put it in a basket. After the reveals are done we will pass the basket around and choose a new Secret Sister. During the whole year we are supposed to pray for and bless our Secret Sister. It doesn’t always have to be a gift. It can be a card or whatever. Most people try to make sure to get their secret sister a little something for holidays and events like birthdays and anniversarys. I have to say, whoever picked my name out this year has really blessed me. I have gotten present for just about every occasion. I even got flowers delivered to my house for my anniversary. She even blessed me for 4th of July!

Oh and I should add that we have a table at the back of our church where we can leave our gifts and the ushers will usually pass them out to the ladies which helps us remain annonymous until the reveal. 🙂

I pray that each of you have a wonderful and SAFE New Year! It has been so.much.fun. getting to know you through your blogs and different events here at TGC. Thank you so much for all of your participation and comments and emails. I appreciate it so much!!

See you MONDAY during our SEWING edition of Just Something I Whipped Up! 🙂

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