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First off, we’d like to thank Diana for letting us swap with her today! Erin and I both read The Girl Creative and we’re always inspired, so we’re honored to be sharing with TGC readers!

About us, Erin is a stay at home mom to two wonderful boys. I can totally say that since I’m writing this! I really do know they’re wonderful too because I used to baby sit for them! Erin’s husband, Mike and I worked together when I was still in banking, and before I had my little bubs. To feed my baby addiction, I baby sat for nearly everyone I could talk into it! Erin and I bonded over Mike’s little quirks and we became crafty buddies! Erin is an awesome person with a big heart and a huge talent for making beautiful things! Her home is gorgeous, despite Mike’s tight purse strings…All in all, I’m just super lucky to be her friend and partner!

I (Heather) work full time at an office job, but I’m lucky enough to flex my schedule, so I work 10 hour days Tuesday through Friday. I have an awesome husband, Martin, who is pretty much a genius (He’ll try to tell you differently, but he’s just super modest!) and a great dad to our little guy, Holden. He’ll be two in April and he is our world! We are literally in awe that he is ours! We are so blessed! Anyway, on the crafty side, I love to do pretty much any craft and I have more ideas than I can tell my husband about, since I don’t want him to get scared off! I have a passion for DIY that sometimes has gotten me into trouble, but that usually turns out okay!

Hello, it’s Erin now! (We’ll try not to totally confuse you.) Thanks, Heather! I’ll have everyone know now Heather is the brains behind this operation. I had no idea how to blog or what a blog even was until Heather told me about it.

She and I also have bonded because even though we both have boys, we like to create girly things, embellish girly things, and take pictures of girly things. We’ve added pictures of some of the projects and things we’ve featured in the past on our very new blog Lucky Star Lane. We only started blogging about 3 months ago, and are excited to share more ideas with you. Blogs like Diana’s have really inspired us. Thanks to all of you readers who also share your ideas with us weekly through blog land. Connecting with other people who have similar talents and a passion for creativity is such an awesome thing!

Fabric Flower Corsage

Embellished Camping Chair

Embroidered Cupcake Ornament

Ribbon Key chains

Pillowcase Dress LSL Style

Stenciled Dress

Embellished Ruffle Tennis Shoes

Have a wonderful day and come visit us sometime soon. Thanks again to {The Girl} Creative!

Heather and Erin

Due to the amount of content that is used without permission and proper credit, I am no longer allowing a full RSS feed. I value each and every reader so I hope you will click through and come visit!


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