DIY Photo Canvas

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Mandy from The Fabulous Baby Striblings is here with us today to share her DIY Photo Canvas project. Please stop by her blog and say “HELLO!!”.


DIY Photo Canvases

I got the canvases BOGO at Michael’s, so 4 canvases for $8.99.Then I got two scrapbook pages 2/$1. I then blew up 4 8×10 pics of kids at Walgreens for $11. Mod Podge, paper cutter, and thats it! Seeing as typical 8×10 photo canvases are $30-40 each, I think this was a marvelous idea! Oh how I *heart* projects!! I first covered each canvas with Mod Podge. Then, I cut the strips of paper, and pasted them onto each side of the canvas. (cut the strips and the photos a teeny bit shorter – you want there to be white space) Then I turned each picture over, coated it with Mod Podge,and carefully applied it to each canvas and smoothed everything out very good. Then I applied Mod Podge to everything. (its white, but dries clear)


Then I took a dry sponge and “sponged” paint onto the white areas of the canvas and along the sides of the picture to kind of “blend” it together so its looks like its not a DIY craft, lol. Its supposed to look antiquey and shabby chic. The tutorial used black – I used white, but you can use any color I’m sure.

Then let dry! All in all, it took about 2 hours to complete,and I couldn’t be more happy with it. I also printed out their inital and framed it above the canvases.

Here is the finished project in their nursery! Fabu!

(showing the sides of the canvas)


Thanks so much, Mandy, for sharing this project with us!



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  1. This looks a lot easier than the one where you place the photo backwards, let dry, then rub the paper off- the photo transfer…I think I’ll try this 🙂

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