DIY Hair Accessories

DIY Hair Accessories

Let’s talk fashion, hair and accessories for a little bit, shall we? I’m not big on getting dressed up unless it’s a special occasion. Most days I’m in jeans and a tee so I’m definitely not the best dressed person you will come in contact with on your travels. I do have great hair though. I’m not saying that to be snotty or conceited but out of all my qualities, my hair is probably my best. It’s naturally frurly. Yup. I just made that word up. It’s frizzy and it’s curly – frurly. I’ve mastered the beachy waves though and that’s usually how I wear my hair. I have to say that out of all the hairstyles I’ve gone through over the years, the one I currently have is my favorite. I’m diggin’ the style and length and I’m diggin’ the new two-tone highlights I recently had done at my favorite salon. I went with a light blonde (as light as I could go without straight out bleaching it) and a dark red. Love, love, love! I’d love to go completely BLONDE but I think I’ll save that for when I officially go grey and the upkeep will be much easier!

613 blonde lace wigs

I used a filter on the picture on the left more to even out my skin (why am I 39 and still getting blemishes???) and the goofy picture on the right (no clue why I made that face but I *think* I wanted a picture of the one eyebrow up thing – who knows!) is straight out of my iPhone. I went with a heavier blonde in the front and if you part my hair a certain way, you can see these really nice deep red pieces. Love! Now, in a few months I will totally be sporting the ombre look because I only ever treat myself to these kinds of colors about twice  year and my roots will be a showin! #elcheapo #diyombre

K. Since we are talking about hair and all, I did a little research and found out what some of the 2014 spring hair color trends are. If I had to narrow it down to just my 2 favorites, it would be this Honey Bronde and Brown Sugar. I may splurge and hit the salon a few more times this year and do one of these 2 instead!





If you happen to be local to Chicago, Niki Moon Salon in Naperville, IL would be great place to check out to get you looking trendy this spring. There is just something about Spring and new highlights!

Now when it comes to mixing things up with my hair a bit I usually just pop a bobby pin in my hair to sweep my bangs out of my face or just put my sunglasses on top of my head instead. For those of you who are looking for something more,  I thought it would be fun to roundup some cool DIY accessories. Let’s go with some embellished bobby pins and some DIY headbands. These are two types of hair accessories that you can’t really go wrong with and are super easy to make.


Fabric Headbands :: Craft Snob


The Knotted Headband :: You Seriously Made That?!


Fancy Headbands :: A Beautiful Mess


DIY Sailor Knot Headband :: Domestic Ingenuity


Felt Flower Headband :: Shad and Lizzie


Ruffle Flower Headband :: Adore by Melissa


Vintage Yo Yo Bobby Pins :: Little Miss Momma {via Kojo Designs}


Beaded Bobby Pins :: NBeads


Rosette Bobby Pins :: Cupcakes and Cashmere


Simple and Stylish Bobby Pins :: The Krazy Coupon Lady


2 Minute Hair Pins :: Mrs. Priss


Alphabet Bobby Pins :: Whimsy Box

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