DIY French Press Cozy

Hey Project Inspire readers!  I’m Jenn and I share about my life, family, and crafts at A Jennuine Life.  I’m an accountant by day (part time), and a wannabe artisan – sew, knit, stitch, fabricate, paint, I try it all.

One of my favorite things to do is to upcycle/refashion/makeover/redo something I already have or found for cheap (or even better – free!) and make it … more.  That’s why I’ve started a weekly linky party called Thrifty to Nifty Thursdays.

Here’s a great upcycle I completed recently.  My husband is a pretty die hard coffee connoisseur and every weekend morning he makes a pot of french press coffee.  Only he can’t drink it fast enough for the coffee to stay warm.  I helped keep his press nice and cozy by using some felt from a wool sweater of his which had shrunk and felted (unintentionally – woops!), some felted wool for decoration and a zipper to close it up.

This was a collaboration – all the elements were his choosing.  He wanted the design to resemble coffee beans piled along the cozy and he chose the zipper to close it up – like a little zippered cardigan for his press!

Here’s how:

1. Cut felt to the dimensions of the press – I wanted this to go inside the handle so my measurements were 3.5″ x 12.5″
2. Cut shapes from an accent color and arrange how you’d like.  I stitched on my sewing machine with matching thread right down the middle to resemble coffee beans.
3. Add the zipper.  This is a separating zipper cut to size from the shortest one I could find.  Make sure to make new stops by sewing a zig-zag across the zipper teeth at the top of each newly cut end.  I didn’t even need a zipper foot since I sewed about 1/4″ from the teeth.
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  1. My husband loves using his French press nut he has the same problem. This is such a great idea! You know I use a cozy for my tea pot, I don’t know why I didn’t think of using one for the press. Yours looks gorgeous! I love that your hubby had input into how he wanted it to look.

    1. Thanks so much! He uses it all the time; too bad it was at the expense of one of his beloved sweaters… It had gotten too big for him and he asked me to try to shrink it – a little. Let’s just say it worked a little too well!

  2. I love this. I’ve seen them and this is by far the most user/crafter-friendly style. It’s perfect. You did a great job.

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