Creepy Halloween Pumpkins

Hi there TGC readers! It’s Ellora from over at Creatively Southern. With Halloween quickly approaching, I decided to share I super quick and easy Halloween pumpkin decorating project that even the kids can help with! All you need is a crafty pumpkin, some yarn, and a creepy crawly spider! 

 Halloween pumpkin craft

This year I want to mix up my Halloween pumpkins and traditional jack-o-lanterns with something a little more creepy, but easy and inexpensive to make. To make this, I picked up a craft pumpkin from Wal-Mart for $5 and spray painted it white.

halloween pumpkin

Okay, I know this should be a spooky post for Halloween, but seriously, who could crop out those cute toes?? 🙂 

Moving on.. After sitting and watching the paint dry on my pumpkin, (yeah, who has time for that!?) I grabbed some “divine” yarn I picked up from Joann’s Fabric Store. While this isn’t the cheapest yarn in the bin, I was going for a spooky web effect, and I also plan on using this in more of my Halloween decor. So, I am justifying this as a good holiday decor investment. 😉



Now, this next step is tricky! Are you ready?? Okay, all you do is wrap the yarn around the pumpkin anyway you like. (Told ya it was tricky!) I started by tying the yarn in a knot around the stem. Then wrap it around the pumpkin a few times, crossing this way and that. To finish, I just tucked the ends under on the bottom side of the pumpkin.

halloween pumpkins


Add one or a few creepy crawlies to it and you have an instant creepy Halloween pumpkin! It’s kinda spooky, right? My toddler loved helping put this together and mostly playing with the yarn. 🙂 

halloween pumpkin craft


I also added a couple of small pumpkins that I also picked up from Wal-Mart for about .87 cents each. I spray painted them white and added some black stripes with my acrylic craft paint. I have some more uses for these little pumpkins with the Halloween Wreath I hung on our mantel!  Hope you’ll hop on over and check out some more thrifty Halloween decorating ideas!

So what kind of crafts are you working on for Halloween this year? Any spooky pumpkin ideas or do you stick to the traditional carved jack-o-lanterns? 

Come on over and visit me at Creatively Southern and see more of fall decorations, DIY projects, and Halloween surprises coming soon!

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