{Creating Christmas Blog Fest Day TWO – Christmas Traditions}

Hi Everyone, It is me Amy from Unforgettable Childhood. Last night my family stood in a circle around our advent wreath and talked about the Joy of the Christmas season. This is one of the many traditions that we celebrate as a family at Christmastime.

Today’s Creating Christmas Blog Fest Topic is Family Christmas Traditions. We can’t wait for you to link up and tell us all about the traditions you celebrate as a family.

We are always traveling right before and after Christmas so many of our traditions are celebrated before the actual day arrives. We wanted to make sure that our girls had traditions that were tied to our immediate family since we don’t ever wake up in our own home on Christmas morning.

I have a few of our favorite traditions to share with you today.

Like I mentioned above we celebrate advent. Once a week leading up to Christmas we light a candle and talk about the true meaning of Christmas. It is so much fun to stand around the candles after they are lit. We hold hands and sing Christmas songs. Before we blow out the candles my husband prays.

If we asked our girls about the gifts they received last year, they probably couldn’t list a single one, but they always remember lighting the candles.

Another Christmas tradition that we started when our first daughter was born is a gift of new pajamas on Christmas Eve. We travel about one hour in the car from one grandparents house to the other grandparents house on Christmas Eve at bedtime. Before we leave the first house the girls open pajamas to wear on the drive. The hope is to slip them into the second house ready for bed after they have fallen asleep in the car.

Unfortunately they usually wake up and have a second wind when we arrive at the second house. 🙂 On Christmas Morning they are always dressed so cute in the pictures of them digging into their stockings.

This year we are going to add one more new tradition to our holiday season. A few weeks ago I won an Elf from Elfing Around. For the last 12 days leading up to Christmas the girls will have visits from their elf. On Christmas Eve the Elf leaves with Santa on his sleigh until the next year. I am excited to try this out and see how the girls like it.

Link up below and share with us your Christmas Traditions.

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