{Creating Christmas Blog Fest Day FOUR – Creative Gift Wrapping}

Hi, everyone! It’s Mandy from Moody Girl Projects.
Today’s Creating Christmas link-fest is all about Creative Gift Wrapping!
I’m so excited to see these ones…really hoping that someone will show me how to tie some fabulous bows…because I could really use some help with that!

I love, love, love a pretty package.
I love thick, expensive, handmade wrapping papers.
I love big, beautiful bows.
I love a wrapping job that’s so pretty I don’t want to tear the paper.

The problem is, I really DON’T want to tear the paper.
I’m a little OCD about some things. Wrapping paper is one of them.
I’m a bit of a hoarder, too. I have a pretty impressive supply of beautiful wrappings in my basement…but I rarely use them. My husband, my kids and my close friends all know that when I DO present them with a gorgeous gift, they’re to unwrap it carefully so I can keep and re-use my supplies.
Seriously – how big of a freak am I???
I debating deleting all that and starting over, just so no one is frightened away. But I’ll leave it. Maybe my sickness will make you feel good about yourself 😉

ANYWAY – I’ve learned that for me, the most ideal wrapping is wrapping that’s actually PART of the gift.
Last year I was the room parent for my daughters 1st grade class. At Christmas, I solicited donations from the other parents in the class so that we could give the teacher a group gift – she asked for a spa gift certificate when I asked her what she wanted.
So I bought the gift certificate and a few extra little things to go with it, and I was looking for a basket to wrap it all up in when I saw some darling stockings in the Pier1 Holiday book. They were gorgeous, and $30 each…not a terrible price, but more than I had to spend. So I set out to make my own.

(these are this years stockings at Pier1 – they’re not nearly as cute as last years were!)

As I often do, I under-estimated the amount of work these would take to make, still…
I think they turned out beautifully, and they looked even better with her gift certificates poking out the top (along with some homemade hot chocolate and peppermint bark!)

And, since I made 5 of them for less than $20 in materials and still had fabric leftover, I think it was a good investment!
Plus, in a way (you know that “this-super-tedious-and-difficult-project-almost-killed-me-but-now-that-it’s-done-I’m-quite-proud-of-myself” way) it was really fun, too 🙂

If you’re interested in a tutorial (I slaved over another one of these this year – just so I could post about it!) you can click over to my blog, Moody Girl Projects.

In the meantime, I just wanted to encourage you all to think outside the bag while wrapping your gifts this Christmas! And consider making the wrapping part of the gift!

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  1. Your stockings look great! Just wanted to let you know that I am making your caramel chocolate bars today for a Christmas party tomorrow. They look soooo good! I am so glad I chose to follow you!

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