{Creating Christmas Blog Fest – Day FIVE: Show Off Your Tree}

Today is the final day of the Creating Christmas Blog Fest. I hope that you’ve enjoyed everyone’s contributions as much as I have. Today you are going to be SHOWING OFF YOUR TREE (and other decorations).I know everyone loves to brag about their homes during the holidays and now’s your chance! Links from the previous days are still opened so if you missed any, please go back and enter them now. We don’t want anyone to miss out on the fun.

I feel like I should be wearing a sign that says “My Camera Stinks” because my pictures are usually pretty horrible but just know that if I don’t actually come out and say it in every post, it’s always implied. lol

So, here goes!

I made these Christmas Countdown blocks which I thought the girls would be super excited about. Turns out they’re not, but I am so that works. 😉

Here is our tree. Not a great picture because after almost 6 years I still have not figured out how to use my camera properly!

And the newest edition to our living room is this little shelf that I got super cheap at Hobby Lobby as well as the tall candle holders.

Now, I know my stuff is nothing to write home about but it actually does look much better in person. I do have some more decorations but forgot to take pictures and my battery is dead at the moment, so this will have to do.

How did you deck your halls?

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  1. I joined your blog hop just moments ago! Better late than never! I’m off to visit the other ‘hoppers’. Stop by and visit my blog and see my tree! Thanks

  2. I’m loving your decorations! I agree with you, sometimes the photos just don’t do justice to the actual decor’. I like what you’ve done.

  3. I too have never been able to figure out how to get a picture of my tree all lit up and in focus. I’ve read my manual and tried all sorts of online tutorials with no luck. But that’s okay, we can still tell you’ve got lots of holiday spirit☺ Thank’s for a fun week of blog hopping.

  4. Love the shelf and the cute little blocks. Your tree looks great too. I am hoping to get my act together and linkup a bit later. At any rate, I will be back to check out everyone else’s ideas.

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