Crafting Mishaps

I think we should have a linky party for all of the crafting mishaps so that we all don’t feel alone. Or at least so that I don’t feel alone! lol

I soooo wanted to post something, anything, today but it’s just not happening. I had a brilliant idea that I thought I could do in like 3o minutes. Ha! It involved ruffles – something I have yet to tackle so I was excited. I stitched across my fabric with a loose stitch only to have one end of thread break on me while trying to “ruffle”. So, I took out the thread and started over again, adjusting my cheap-o sewing machine again. This time, little bottom bobbin ran out of thread. If I didn’t have to pick my daughter up and if the MR was not coming home early today, I would have had something posted. Honest. Don’t hate me. 😉

Well, I’m a mess and so as to not frighten the other elementary school children when I pick up daughter #1, I should go and try to tame this crazy hair of mine!

Just wanted to let you know I have not abandoned my crafts. Hoping I can get some of my “to do” list done. Soon. Fingers crossed?

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  1. LOL!!!! I have those days to. I used to want to throw my machine out the window!!!!! Now I’ve learn to walk away for a little while and then come back to it and all is better.

  2. I was trying to make ruffles this weekend and my thread kept breaking too. So instead of ruffles I made little flowers for my little girls dress. It was my first try at them too!

  3. Happens to me ALL.THE.TIME! I just posted a bleach stenciled shirt for St. Patty’s day and it took me THREE attempts to get the shirt right! 🙂 Hope you have a lovely night!

  4. It can be so disheartening when a craft goes wrong. I was working so hard on an adorable checker board the other night, and I ruined it. And I only had one piece of the paper I was using (it was from a paper pack I got on clearance). And I cried.

    Maybe I invest too much emotion in my projects?

  5. I have discovered Upholstery thread. It is thicker (stiffer) than regular thread, but still sews about the same. It works good for the gathering stiches using a really loose stitch. I secure my starting stitch so I don’t pull it all the way out. I have been using my embroidery bobbin thread for the bobbin. Don’t know if that really makes a difference or not. I bought the Ruffler attachment this weekend. Finally figured it out and I love it ! Good luck !

  6. I made a dress I posted a while back and it involved ruffles…I am new at sewing and that was my first “project”. It took me hours of frustration but when I finally got it done it was so worth it!!! So don’t give up. I didn’t tell this in the post I did about it…but I actually got so frustrated with it that I put it down and re-started the next morning and thats when it all came together!

  7. So funny! I had a major craft mishap last night. It was more of a home improvement mishap, actually. I have marble on my fireplace that I don’t care for, so someone told me that I could spray paint it with one of those faux stone paints. So I did and it looked like uneven primer with sand thrown on it. Luckily it was slow drying so I was able to scrape it off and then wipe it down with soap and water. At least I only spend $7 on the paint!

  8. Ugh, I definitely have those days too. Sometimes I think it’s best to just put it down and come back another day when you can make a fresh start!

  9. I spent the better part of this afternoon trying to make an idea in my mind translate through my sewing machine (trying to replicate something I saw in a store and la-la-loved – except for the price!), but I sadly bombed. BIG TIME. The thing wound up looking like a flour sack!

    So know you’re not alone. I think a place to share the mishaps would be somehow strangely encouraging. 🙂

  10. What I learned a long time ago about gathering for ruffles is that if you do two long stitches next to each other then you will not be as likely to have them break on you. You have to pull both at the same time, plus I think it gives the ruffle a nicer look. Maybe you knew that already and were trying to hurry. When ever I do that I alway have something happen.
    My crafting mishap was while making a spring/easter wall hanging. Somehow the middle wasn’t the right size and I ended up unpicking a bunch of things. It isn’t done yet, ’cause I have to have a breather when I make stupid mistakes like that.

  11. I hear you. These days I get really annoyed when I have a “crafting fiasco” because I don’t have as much time to craft. It’s good to remember it’s a good learning experience & not a waste of time. Having a party for it will help other avoid the same mishaps & bring some smiles:)

  12. I just had a sewing mishap last week. For some reason the zipper I was trying to install would not lay right. For some reason the skirt looked like it was being pulled, but when you took out the zipper it would not look pulled. Oh well the replacement project is looking really good!

  13. oh thank goodness for mishaps… please tell me you’ll allow at least 5 linky’s each… as I have a pile of crap gone wrong! (did you think I meant to say “craft” gone wrong? I didn’t… )

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