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So, we moved into our house almost 2 years ago, and my poor girls’ room has been totally neglected. Part of me was waiting for us to get their beds done (we are making FARMHOUSE BEDS for their birthday next month…can’t wait!)to really decorate. Now that we are starting to move forward, it’s been fun to figure out what I wanted to do, and think about some of the small touches. I had something like this in mind, when I ran across another blog (I’m so sorry, I can’t remember where!) that had something similar, and it just cemented the idea!

These fun covered books are just that…they look adorable on an end table or nightstand, on the top of a bookshelf, or any other flat surface you like. I love when they are stacked under a lamp, or old-fashioned pitcher (I spray painted this one cream), so that’s exactly what I did. These can be made for any room in the house–family room, master bedroom, guest room, etc. LOVE them!

These are seriously so simple to make, but add so much to the room. In fact, I might have gone a little crazy. 🙂


  • books (I used old ones that we would have take to Salvation Army or Goodwill)
  • double stick tape
  • paper of choice…I mixed and matched Bazzill cardstock and scrapbook paper
  • distress ink


  • You are going to have three different pieces of paper to cover the book. Cut one piece of paper that will fit directly over the spine, and overlap onto each side of the book an inch or two. This will be what shows from the front, so choose paper accordingly. It needs to come right to the top and bottom edges of the book.
  • Place double stick tape down the spine of the book, and place your paper over the spine, and crease it well over the edges of the book. Tape down the rest of the paper, securing firmly.

  • Cut two identical pieces of paper for the front and back, also making sure that they fit the book perfectly–right to all the edges. I did this by placing the paper on the book where I wanted it to go, then making creases where it needed to be cut.

  • Distress the edges first, then tape them on the book, making sure to overlap the piece on the spine.
  • Distress everything else. 🙂
  • Repeat for each book, mixing and matching coordinating papers as desired.

Have a great day, everyone!!


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  1. Great idea…I like to decorate with books too…now I can color coordinate the papers with the decor better. Come stop by and say hi.

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