15 DIY Advent Calendars

christmas advent calendars

Counting down the days until Christmas has always been a big tradition in most of our lives. We grew up with chocolate advent calendars, and advent wreaths. But in today’s DIY, homemade Christmas world, we’ve stepped it up a few notches from the ole chocolate calendars. Find some amazing inspiration in this Christmas Advent Calendar round-up! Whether you love your Mod Podge, are handy with a sewing machine, or want to enjoy each day with a special activity, you’ll find the perfect DIY Advent Calendar to fit your family.

burlap stocking adventThese adorable Burlap Stockings make a festive Advent perfect for storing little treats to enjoy each day. Whether you hand sew, or use a machine, these little stockings can be whipped up in no time for a cute garland. (via Making the World Cuter)

book advent

A Book Advent is perfect for your little readers! Look around the house for Christmas books you already own, or check thrift stores to come up with a collection of 24. Then watch their little faces light up each day as they open a new book! (via Bas Bleu)

advent in a jar

This Advent in a Jar is the perfect way for you to count down the days until Christmas when lack of space is an issue. Write your own special activities on each day to give your family something to look forward to. (via Poppytalk)

advent wreath

An Advent Wreath is such a creative way to not only count off the days, but show off your DIY skills! Each day you can write on the clothespin what the season means to you. (via Diary of a Crafty Chica)

box advent calendar

A Big Box Advent Calendar is great for surprising the family with big and small gifts each day. Books, candy, and gift cards will fit into the boxes nicely. And this display looks so impressive mixed in with your holiday decor! (via Mod Podge Rocks!)

clothes pin advent

An Advent Calendar made by our very own Diana, The Girl Creative, that gives you the chance to create your own personalized Christmas! On the back of each card you add whatever activity you want the family to do that day. Include special activities you already have planned for the month, like “See the Nutcracker Ballet”! (via The Girl Creative)

embroidery hoop advent

This is an elegant Advent Calendar perfect for the family looking to get away from all the red and green. Add little notes of love, or activities each day to make your calendar special. (via Andrea Dozier)

fridge magnet advent

A refrigerator magnet Advent Calendar is smart for anyone who has space issues. It’s also ultra cute and customizable! Bust out your scrapbook paper and embellishments to make this one of a kind! (via Narrating Life)

jesse tree

A Jesse Tree is a special tradition that you should think about starting in your family, if you don’t already. To get the kids in the true spirit of Christmas, each day they hang up an ornament and read a Bible verse that goes with it. Let them help you color the ornaments for an extra special touch! (via A Chase After Wind)

lighted advent calendar

This lit-up Advent Calendar uses salt dough for the numbers and looks stunning on a mantle or displayed in your window. It can probably be whipped up in an afternoon  and will be well worth the effort! (via The Waterfalls)

ornament advent calendar

With stores like Wal-Mart and Target selling tons of these individual sparkly ornaments, it won’t be difficult to pick out 25 of your favorites and make an eye-catching Sparkly Ornament Advent Calendar to match your Christmas decor! (via Whipperberry)

paper cone advent

This is a cute way to use up some of the Christmas scrapbook paper you have laying around the house! An Advent Calendar Tree with paper cones will look great as a center piece on your table, as long as you can keep the little ones from not peeking ahead of time! (via Hi Sugarplum!)

pet friendly advent

With all the amazing advent calendars for humans that are floating around, this Doggie Advent Calendar couldn’t be passed up! Treat your beloved fur-baby to something special every day. After all, we know they just can’t get enough love and attention! (via Pretty Fluffy)

  toilet paper roll advent

This Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Calendar is perfect for hiding little surprises in. Each day someone can punch through the number to find a new treasure! (via Morning Creativity)

pinata advent calendar

One of the most creative countdowns we’ve seen is this Piñata Advent Calendar. An advent like this will definitely bring excitement to your child’s day while they are anxiously waiting the big day! (via Handmade Charlotte)

Counting down the days to Christmas is serious business! Some people choose to give out little treats each day, and some choose to do an activity. Find an advent calendar that matches your family and celebration style, and let us know how you count down the days!

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