Corn on the Cob Rocket Ships – Who says eating vegetables can’t be fun?

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When I was a child, my mother never made me eat vegetables for dinner. Her dad always forced her to eat them when she was a child and she vowed never to do that to her children. And she didn’t. At the time, I thought “Oooohhhh yeahhhh!!!! No veggies for me!” But as I got older I wished that she did make me eat them because to this day, not a fan.

I have grown a bit though in the world of vegetables because I do like broccoli. I LOVE corn. I enjoy carrots (if they are raw). I even really enjoy a good vegetable soup. My husband on the other hand loves them. And of course like any good parent he wants us to serve them to our kids so that they will grow up to be healthy. My 5 year old is a great vegetable eater. When we go out to eat, she’ll often choose broccoli as a side, all on her own. We don’t prompt her to do it, she just does it. My 8 year old is just like her mother. In the beginning, serving vegetables to her was like pulling teeth. Now she proudly admits that peas are her favorite. Yeah!

I was very excited to try out a neat vegetable recipe from the Clare Crespo Cookbook. The Clare Crespo Cookbook is put out by Country Crock and it’s loaded with great vegetable recipes that are extremely family friendly and fun to make too. They take simple healthy ingredients and turn them into Rocket Ships, Bear Paws, Zucchini Boats, Hippo Dip and more. I told my girls I was making corn rocket ships and they went nuts! They even had fun helping me shop for the ingredients.


The corn rocket ships called for corn, Country Crock butter, a lemon, cherry tomatoes and either a cucumber or a zucchini. This was super easy to make and I was even able to create it with 2 sick children at home and a sick mommy!

This was so easy to make! Not to mention super cute!

Here’s the finished product!


The Corn Space Ships were a hit. In fact my daughter ate more veggies then she did the chicken I made to go with it! Score!

I just also want to add a little side note about Country Crock butter. Back when I was single my best friend used to make us Chicken Scampi from time to time when we would hang out. It was sooo delicious! I tried to make it on my own but I always thought that hers just tasted better somehow. Well, one day when we were hanging out and she was making it I took notice of everything she was using and one of the key ingredients was Country Crock. Now I used to just use regular stick butter but I really think it was the Country Crock that made hers taste way better than mine! (True story, I promise!)

Below is a link to download a copy of the Clare Crespo Cookbook. It’s loaded with fun, step by step recipes that even your pickiest little one will love. Each recipe calls for Country Crock (fine by me! I love butter!) and like some other popular cookbooks, there is no trying to hide the vegetables or disguising them. Just prepare them with a little creative spin and you are good to go! I have mine and I’m definitely going to breaking it out a lot and preparing more vegetables for my children. Hey, even I will eat veggies because they are just that cute!

Are you looking for quick and simple tips and recipes to make serving veggies more fun? Download the free Clare Crespo Cookbook here for fun and whimsical recipes your family is sure to love!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!



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