Confessions of a Mother living in Crazy Town!

I know I’ve been doing a lot of craft-related posts lately so I wanted to just come and share what else I’ve had going on. One thing you can always count on with me is that I’m pretty transparent. I openly share my struggles with parenting and my relationship with God. I have a number of times tried to write posts on my struggles with weight but just never seem to be able to pull all my thoughts together to actually write something worth publishing. Not to mention my camera broke while trying to take some half-way-there progress photos. lol

Anyhow……….as with anything in my life, I always struggle with keeping focused and doing anything long term. I probably have ADD and don’t even know it! Ha! Since school started in September my life has consisted of getting 2 girls ready for and off to 2 different schools each morning (one gets a bus, the other I have to transport myself) and then trying to take care of the household obligations along with wrangling a VERY busy and active 18 month old! I have officially taken up residence in CRAZY TOWN! Anyone with me??

IMG_1620 {isnt’ he just so cute though? look at those eyes and that crazy hair!}

Monday and Tuesday nights consisted of soccer practice, Wednesday nights church, Thursday nights dance practice and then Friday to rest. Soccer games on Saturdays and church on Sundays. Add to that mix my husband putting in a lot of extra hours at work and you have one very frazzled mother. Oh! Add Girl Scouts too and heading up the Child Ministry department at church. During all this time I’ve tried to maintain my exercise routine and my routine of getting up early and spending time with God. I have to say that in a really long time, this is the most consistent I’ve been with any of this so I still count it as a victory.

But, I’ve been struggling. It’s really REALLY hard to stay focused and find balance. Today I started my day with a little devotional, a scripture and some prayer time while doing the treadmill. I’m thankful for the grace and mercy of God. Its times when He gently draws me close and back into His embrace that I’m reminded how much He loves me and just how much I miss spending time with Him when I’ve drifted, ya know? Soccer is over now so I’m looking forward to a more regular and less hectic routine.

In other news….I’ve been trying to keep up with the blog. I realize that I missed blogging. I missed interacting with you guys and just keeping up with everyone in blog land. It’s different for me now though. I’m not worrying about followers and competing with other creative bloggers.  I’m having fun connecting with some of you on Facebook. I’m learning to use Google+ a little bit too. I’m partnering up with some of my favorite bloggers to help cross promote each other and to do some joint ventures and I’m having fun! I’m finding that there is a whole community of bloggers out there that is untapped. So much talent and people just starting out and there is more to blogging then keeping up with everyone else. 🙂

Well, my house is a mess, there are half days this week at school for parent-teacher conferences and Kole finally fell asleep for a nap so I need to get moving! Come back tomorrow for our weekly free Printable from Katie{Did}It!

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  1. Great post Diana! I woke up today so thankful for God’s constant mercy and grace in our life. I realized how badly I went downhill yesterday, starting off the day full of praise – and by the end of the day I was a raving, screaming lunatic. Praise God for his unending mercy and forgiveness as I get to start anew and afresh today.

  2. Your transparency is so refreshing. I just love your heart and your sweet way about you…I can relate so much to the tug and pull of life and not getting so caught up in the things that are do temporal. We need to connect more. I think you are awesome. 🙂

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