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I have no idea why I feel like I want to write a post like this but I kind of just want to get some things out there. If you’ve been around here for awhile some of these things may not come as any suprise to you. In fact you may even breathe a sigh of relief because you now realize that I know what you are already thinking.

I’m not very reliable I’m finding out. I have such great ideas for this blog but then my life just takes over and my crazy little girls wear me out and half of what I plan and ideas that I post about hardly ever materialize.

For example: The most recent thing is I asked people to sponsor giveaways during the Creative Chick Parade and I didn’t make good on that. I’ve been so incredibly tired lately that I really just did not have the energy to even create the giveaway portion of the posts. It took a lot of energy to even host the Creative Chick Parade. Ya know what kept me committed? The fact that I had so many wonderful blogs joining in with me that I could not just let them (or my faithful friends and readers) down.

Then there’s my “The Girl Creative Eats” that has suddenly fallen by the wayside. Originally I wanted to launch a whole blog that showcased wonderful recipes submitted by readers and that didn’t pan out. I posted a “Food Contributor” call several times I think, received a great response but again, I never really made good on that.

Let’s see, there’s also Teach Me Tuesday which I wanted to host every Tuesday where readers submitted tutorials and I would post them each Tuesday. That kind of had a good run for awhile and then following suit with the others, that fell by the wayside. I mean, we do host that once a month which I think is managable for me but not like I had originally planned.

Hmmmm….what else is there? Oh yes, blog swapping. lol Tried that for awhile and I couldn’t keep up. Sigh.

In my life I have always struggled with finishing things I start. What a shock, huh? I mean, from Bible Studies, to weight loss, to business ventures, etc……..lots of unfinished things. So, I guess I shouldn’t really be shocked that it has carried over into my blogging world.

Anyhow, I’ve been feeling a bit restless with my blog as many of you know. I think somehow God has been getting me to this point a bit. It has consumed a lot of my time and my family, house and kids have suffered and things have been out of balance. Mr. GC is going to be away for 3 LONG months and my girls are going to miss him terribly and I definitely need to compensate for that so maybe God was mentally preparing me for that. I love blogging. And I love my computer. I spend a lot of time with it and we are great friends! The cord on my laptop went and usually when that happens I’m kind of forced to take a break and focus more on my family and I think God does it on purpose. lol

So, with all that said, I’m sorry if any of you have been personally affected by my unreliability whether’s its a giveaway that never panned out or a tutorial that has never been shared. I really do have good intentions. lol I’m just horribly unorganized and easily overwhelmed and distracted. (I probably have an undiagnosed case of A.D.D. lol)

I will still be hosting my parties over at the new party blog and I will be posting any projects that I manage to get done but giveaways and special events may have to take a back seat for awhile. I hope everyone understands. 🙂

By the way, my blog will be a year old in about a month and I’m just 108 followers away from 200o and while I’m totally not obsessed with the number of followers, i think it would be kind of cool to reach 200o by then. 🙂

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