Coming Clean About Blogging………..this could take awhile!

I have so many thoughts swirling around in my head and sometimes when that happens I have a hard
time getting it all out AND making sense. I sometimes jump around a lot so I will do my best. Here goes……….

When I first started this blog in October of 2009  it was for the sole intent of having a place to post about the crafty projects I did. There weren’t a lot of them in the beginning but I wanted to keep them separate from my personal blog which, by the way, I never post on anymore. I think I may have gotten the initial idea of a crafty blog from Blue Cricket Design. I have no idea how I found Becca’s blog but I think that is what gave me the idea of creating a crafty blog. Somewhere down the line I had found some linky parties to participate in and I guess the thought of growing my blog intrigued me so I kept linking up and leaving comments and visting blogs (I found a bunch of great ones by looking through the blog lists on other crafty blogs like Blue Cricket Design) and I found myself gaining followers. I remember when I reached 200, I was beside myself. 200 people were interested in what I had to say??? So when I reached 500 followers I decided that maybe I could make a little money so I started selling ad space for cheap. Shortly after my 1 year Blogiversary I reached 2000 followers.
As my blog grew I found myself getting really caught up with comparing my blog to other crafty blogs. I felt like I was always trying to keep up with the Joneses. And many times I just felt feel inadequate and inferior and thoughts like these kept popping up in my head:
  • I’m not as creative as some of these other bloggers.
  • I don’t have a great big house with a fancy craft room (my house is small and needs work!) to do my projects in.
  • I can never be part of the “in” crowd because I don’t live in Utah (or some other big blogging area like Texas) and can never make it to all these conferences and Girls Night Outs.
Maybe you have gone through this too? It’s awful isn’t it? Funny how some of our real life insecurities carry over into the blogging world.
Over time I’ve come to realize:
  • That I’ll never have a wreath for every season on my front door because I simply don’t have enough space to store them. 
  • I won’t be anyone’s “go to” DIY girl when it comes to building things because I simply don’t know how to use half the tools in my garage (although I REALLY want to learn! lol)
  • I won’t have the most creative, original ideas because I simply just do better as a copycat crafter.
  • I probably won’t have a new fresh post to share 2-3 times a day let alone 1 because I’m a mother first and I simply just don’t have the time (and my kids make me crazy! lol).
And ya know what? Typing this all out has really made me accept all the things I’m not. I’m okay with this new direction the blog is taking.
So the list above is some of the things you probably won’t find here but I can tell you what you will find at this blog:
  • A linky party every Monday (Just Something I Whipped UP) for others to share their projects and for me to gain some inspiration.
  • Copycat Crafts with the occasional “Authentic” Craft.
  • Blogging tips for making your blog look better because that is something I am pretty good at! (wink wink)
  • Posts about my kids from time to time because sometimes they are REALLY funny and I just feel like writing about it. (See photo below for proof! My girls did this to Kole! lol)
  • Occasional Giveaways and Sponsor Posts
  • Guest Posts from our Resident TGC Contributors once a month.
  • Posts from the heart about parenting and my relationship with God. Maybe even a post about my weight loss journey (if I can ever get my butt into gear! lol)
I’ve decided to refocus the purpose of this blog. Of course I’d love it to continue to grow but I’m going to be true to myself. I’ve decided to discontinue advertising (AFTER all current ads run out so no worries if you are a current sponsor!)on my blog for the most part with a few exceptions here and there. I’m going to stop trying to keep up with the Joneses because it’s impossible. I’m going to blog for fun again. I’m not going to stress if I go a few days without a new post. 
So, there you have it! I may lose some readers over this and that’s okay. I realize I can’t be everything to everyone so I will just be ME!Besides, there are so many WONDERFUL blogs out there that I’m sure what you don’t find here, you will find somewhere else. Check out my sidebar for my favorite blogs!
You can expect to see a new design with these changes implemented by the fall. 🙂
p.s. If you made it to the end, THANK YOU for reading!!

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Due to the amount of content that is used without permission and proper credit, I am no longer allowing a full RSS feed. I value each and every reader so I hope you will click through and come visit!


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  1. You go girl! I’m new to blogging but have been reading blogs for years now. Almost every blog I’m a regular on has had a post similar to this, so you are not alone! Good luck to you and I’ll be sticking around!

  2. You won’t lose me, Diana! 🙂
    And your words could TOTALLY have been my words … (well, except if the day ever comes that I reach 2000 followers, I’ll be shocked!). :)~
    You’re a LOOONNNGGG way ahead of me, if that makes you feel any better! haha:)~
    I recently stopped trying to “keep up” so much, too – I still enjoy doing my little projects here and there … but I want to do things that I NEED or WANT to do in my home, rather than random projects I’m doing just to have something to show!
    Keep up the great work and the great blog! I love it!
    ~Bec 🙂

  3. Well said. I didn’t know what I was getting into when I started my blog. I am quickly realizing that to find balance is very difficult. I experience blog envy almost on a daily basis and I hate the way it makes me feel. I think I’ll use this post as inspiration and try to relax a bit. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and yes…I made it all the way to the end! Have a great weekend…I love your linky party and try to link up when I can.

  4. Thank you so much for writing this! (I hope I don’t have a million comments posted to your wall, I was having issues commenting). I’m a very new blogger, and I find that it is very very hard not to compare myself with all of these other great blogs. Thank you so much for this insightful post, your blog is awesome!

  5. Diana- you are speaking the words in my own heart! I too have been struggling with trying to keep up and have become over-stressed in the process. I am SO glad to hear I am not the only one! I hope you know how awesome we all think you are, and be sure that we’ll still stick around to see what fun things you’re doing. Thanks for being brave enough to be honest, you have definitely inspired me once again. 🙂

  6. Great post! And it’s totally helpful to me right now too. I’ve only been at this for a few months and am approaching 200 followers, and have entertained the thought of doing advertising spots. I won’t rule it out completely for someday down the line, but I won’t feel like I’m “missing out” if I don’t!

  7. I am a VERY new blogger myself, but I totally relate to what you’re saying. My house is small and rented, which greatly limits what I can do in it… and my storage space is almost non-existent!

    I love your blog and will visit for every post, even if it’s just a ‘copycat craft’!

  8. love you even more for this! i never wanted my blog to be a place where i would compare myself to others, and feel inadequate. that is why i started blogging because none of my friends and family really get my love for crafting but all of you do. its funny because my number of followers grows each time i post a tutorial or something crafty i have made, but lose a follower every time i post pictures about my kiddo’s…and i don’t care. i am not going to change my blog for others, because that takes the fun out of it. so i am so glad that you are being true to yourself first…your setting the perfect example for your kiddo’s:) proud of you momma:)and yes, i love to see pictures of other peoples kiddo’s!

  9. I don’t think there is a single one of us that blogs that haven’t felt the EXACT same way that you have. It’s SO HARD not to compare yourself to other blogs and try to “keep up with the Joneses”. But like you said, blogging should be fun (again) and you’re a mama first so I say WAY TO GO! I’m excited for you on this “new” direction your blog is taking 🙂 And yes, what your daughters did to their brother is really funny 😉

  10. My favorite blogs are the ones where it’s obvious that the blogger is having fun and being true to themselves. I love your blog as it is, so you must be doing something right. If you’re saying you’re going to be having MORE fun, then hell yeah, I’m sticking around!!!!

  11. I went through the same thing a while ago, and decided that I’m TOTALLY okay with who I am and the way I blog. There’s no way I can have a new post up every day (I’m lucky to post 2 times a week!)…spending time with my 5 kids is more important than crafting and blogging! People come to your blog because of YOU, so stay true to who you are!!

  12. Great post, thank you! I have felt like that MANY times. I am just about to hit 500 followers and I am way excited, but I too sometimes feel inadequate as a blogger. Not all the time, though, because I am happy with my blog and I love doing what I do.
    The main thing that bugs me is that sometimes I have posted about something and get little to no response and then a week later a big blog will post about the same thing and get so much attention for it. 🙁 Obviously they are big blogs with huge followings.. so it makes sense.. its just a little discouraging at times! LOL

    But I feel very encouraged by you and your post. 🙂 Thanks again for being real, and being you! 🙂


  13. Great post. Blogging is so time consuming and can be so stressful. Of course there are great elements to it too. I almost quit completely last May and then I opened my blog up to guest projects. It was the only way I could cope and still have time for my family. I still spend way too much time on my blog. I love that you are putting your family first. I think all bloggers go through periods where we need to reevaluate what we are doing and balancing blog and family time.

    You are so creative and offer so much. Your readers will stick around. Good luck with everything.


  14. I know exactly how you feel! I have said the same things. I have to constantly remind myself of these things though. Somehow I just keep wanting to grow my blog and get more followers, when in actuality it doesn’t make any difference! I guess getting followers is validation for what you are doing with your time. So, I guess I do feel bad that I haven’t been getting more followers. But, I also haven’t been blogging alot because it is summer and I have to put my kids first!
    Thanks for the reminder!

  15. This is such a great post. I love how honest you are, it seems a lot of people feel the same way, we’re are our own worst enemy when it comes to comparing ourselves to others.

    I’m surprised to have seen a few posts like this recently, perhaps being in the UK I’m ‘sheltered’ from the whole ‘in crowd’ thing and no way in heck would I make it to a conference or GNO, bit far to travel!

    I had assumed most bloggers were doing it to have a kind of on-line journal of craft and family, not to make a career.

    I enjoy your posts, crafty or otherwise, if only to get another look at the swoon worthy desk area in your header!

    Have a great weekend.

  16. GOOD FOR YOU! I am proud of you and I LOVE your blog! Keep being you and we’ll all enjoy your blog more. Enjoy your kiddo’s ~ it’s true what they say “They grow up too fast”!

  17. The more I learn about you, the more awesome I think you are ;o) You keep being you! And I feel ya with the small house thing… We have 4 people crammed into a teeny 2 bedroom townhouse. I’d like a place for us to all have room to sit and eat dinner let alone a “craft room” hahaha!

  18. You sweet girl,

    I can so hear everything you said, I am EXACTLY you, like for real. I have gotten discouraged a few times at the slow growth of my blog, compared to others, but then remember that just a year ago, I only had ONE follower, ME!!

    What I LOVE most about blogging is the friends, and connections I’ve made. Being able to keep in touch with my fans, is super important to me, and I love that they love me, for being me. I’ve never had crafty stuff, tutorials, and awesome pics to show, but somehow people have come to love me anyway.

    Being true to yourself is the only way to go, otherwise you will get burned out, and start hating what you do. Just like many of you, I started blogging as a way to keep myself on track, and organize all my thoughts in one place. I’ve loved every moment of this past year, and hopefully I continue to grow, not just by followers, but MYSELF. Everyday in this blogging world I learn something new, and I am so thankful to be a part of this wonderful community.

    Many hugs to you Diana!!

    Bella 🙂
    **AMAZE ME AUGUST** @ Bella Before and After Any projects, recipes, diy welcome.
    **PARTY PLANNING TUESDAYS** @ Euro Style Cakes. All your party planning tips, decorations, invitations, and recipes welcome at my NEW party.

  19. Rose is back in Michigan right now visiting her family and she called me to let me know about your post, she let me know how it sounds like her and I. It really made me stop and think about how much we are just like this ourselves!
    We just started our own blog back in April, we have 20 followers now! We jump for joy whenever we see that follower number.
    Our heads are constantly thinking of new crafts we can do and then how we have to blog about them. We now write down what we want to do so we don’t forget. We recently just started linking up to parties and now we want to have our own.
    I could go on and on but your post is awesome!
    It really makes you think, why do you have a blog, and that family always comes first and if you don’t blog everyday, its alright, life goes on. We love your blog and have been following it for awhile now.

    Thanks for sharing, have a wonderful weekend!


  20. CLAP,CLAP,CLAP….This has to be the best post I’ve read in a long while. I love reading the “little” blogs. I can relate to them better than someone with deep pockets and a huge house. Which I have neither. LOL. But I do have a loving family that lets me get my craft on without complaining.

  21. This post was perfect for me today! I have just barely started blogging my crafts and it is very slow going. This was just the encouragement I needed to just do what I do and not try to compare myself to others. It is hard not to have blog/crafty/home, etc. envy when you are doing this!

  22. The key is being true to who you are, and your faith. If you’re not where you feel you should be, shift. It is the beauty of free will that you can change and become your better self. I enjoy your blog, and appreciate the forum you present here. Do what you know is right, and all will work out.

  23. Great post! It’s nice to hear that from someone who I consider part of the Jones’ 🙂 It’s very easy to be hard on yourself when there is SO much talent out there and so much to compare yourself to. You’ve got the right idea to do it to make you happy! I think you’re fabulous 🙂

  24. I could have totally written this post myself. I feel like there has been an explosion of crafty blogs out there and there is no rhyme or reason why one does better than the rest. Heck, I have been blogging for over a year and sometimes I wonder why I haven’t hit 1000 followers yet. I do simply start to question why it is that I blog and is it important that a) I’m not mormon (cuz it seems everyone who blogs is) b) like you mentioned not from Utah c) don’t have a zillion and one followers d) don’t have a ton of original ideas. I have three kids, and they are my priority first. I don’t make money on my blog (but sometimes I wish I did to keep me motivated). I’ve been going back and forth on why I blog and what I want from it, so I appreciate your honesty. It’s nice to see someone who has a gazillion followers and who I follow quite regularly be so honest about why you blog and taking it back to basics. Thank you for the perspective. I needed that today.


  25. Amen sister!!!! LOVE what you had to say!! I blog because I want to have an online journal of the important in my life. It’s an honor to have a follower, so I am thankful for any I have!! Well spoken!!!!

  26. I love your blog and don’t want you to stress yourself. Blogging should be unique to each blogger. Do what you love and we’ll all love it too. There are already too many pressures in life for us to add them ourselves. Enjoy your time blogging.

  27. Applauding you and your AUTHENTICITY. Do it because you enjoy it, when you choose to. I will definitely continue following you.


  28. You know what I’m going to say – just because we’ve talked, texted, emailed and IMed about it often lately….

    WELCOME to Casual Blogging (smile)

    Love you my 20+ year friend. You’ve so got it ‘right.’ Enjoy the casual side and I totally can’t wait to see the new design!

    I’m so proud of you,

  29. OMG I feel like you just took all the thoughts out of my head and put them on today’s post!! I just started my blog (literally 3 posts) to start documenting my new life and all the crafts I love doing. But I’ve been reading blogs for a while and now and let me tell you, you are one of the blogs I read regularly! You’re blog tips are soooo amazing!! and helpful! Keep up the amazing work I love your blog!

  30. I am so happy for you! Things are always more enjoyable (as they once were) when we go back to who we really are and not who others may want us to be. Praise the Lord you have been encouraged to follow back to your true self!

  31. I’m so happy for you. I love your blog and will continue to follow because it’s such great inspiration! Even better that you’re REAL. Enjoy your new decision, you’ll never regret putting all that you have into being mama first.

    P.S. The picture of your son CRACKED ME UP! I seriously had to do a double-take because I have a picture of my son just like that in the SAME EXACT outfit with my daughter doing something very similar to him!

  32. I can totally relate to your words in this post. I also admire your “keep it real” attitude it’s very refreshing. All this blogging we do can at times spiral out of control and soon the blog is running us and not the other way around. I had a quick blogger’s meltdown before trying to keep in step with other bloggers and it was far from cute..and unnecessary. I blog whenever I can and share anything I think will be beneficial for anyone reading my blog and that is plenty and enjoyable. Over time my blog grew and continues.
    I really like your blog and have it listed on my faves.

    and that pic is hilarious, I’m over here crackin’ up at it!

  33. I’m sure your followers love you just the way you are. It’s time we all cut ourselves some slack and be who we are meant to be and stop running ourselves ragged trying to be someone else. Your have your priorities straight. Children are NUMBER 1. There’s a reason our body takes 9 months to churn one out. They are one of a kind originals and need our attention. Enough said!
    Relax and enjoy your little people.

  34. This is a great post and I for one think that your blog is one of the best out there! I keep it in the top 5 on my reader because I have so many in there I want to keep my favorites at the top.

    I can see where you are coming from. When I started my first blog about 3 years ago (before they were so popular) it was strictly personal. I had a couple followers (5 I think) and I was fine with it. Then when I opened my etsy shop I thought I’d make it to promote my business. Well, that really wasn’t fun. So then I decided to use it as an all around creative blog with mostly fun, creative stuff, recipes, stories, thoughts, etc. I have a shop page and leave it at that so the business promotion idea fell flat because I like the fun stuff more. I guess I’m not the only one that thinks that way since it’s only been a couple months and I’m approaching 200 followers.

    So I’ve made a long story here but basicall what I’m saying is, like you, I am back to blogging for FUN!

  35. I just found your blog and want you to know that I totally connected with your thoughts and realizations. At times I allow those inadequacies to creep into my head (the wreath one made me chuckle!) Thanks for putting “it” out there. I don’t know who you would loose as a follower, but I’d be glad to replace them!

  36. You always have to be true to yourself when it comes to blogging, so I look forward to the new direction of your blog. More pics of the kids, please. That one of Kole was funny. (Don’t you dare show it to his friends when he’s a teen – lol)!

    Tracy Screaming Sardine

  37. Thanks so much for sharing your struggles. I’m still new to blogging and have already experienced much of what you write about. I never thought about it in terms of how our real-life struggles carry over into the blogging world, but that makes perfect sense. Thanks again for sharing your heart with us!

  38. “I won’t have the most creative, original ideas because I simply just do better as a copycat crafter.”

    That would be the moment in this manifesto that I would have given you a standing ovation. And I’m OKAY with being a copycat, craft idea stealer. I like to see how an idea blooms from one person and is executed in a slightly different way in another.

    This whole post is one that I’ve seen echoed through other blogs. People get caught up wanting to be like the “big blogs,” but there isn’t the drive in me right now to want to tackle blogging full time. I want to live me life fully and just have the blog be a lens that allows it to shine out to some others in the world.

    I’ll still be following. I follow blogs I enjoy. I can’t imagine I wouldn’t enjoy someone being real.

  39. thanks for sharing this!! i think it nice to know that the big bloggers are people too/i love your blog and will always be here!

  40. What a wonderful post! I recently started my blog (six months ago) and at times I am feeling the same way. I really don’t know which way I want to go, but after reading your post, I am sticking true to myself and going to continue to do it how I am. It’s fun, I enjoy it, and you’re right…there is no way I can do everything else that every other food blog is doing. Thank you!

  41. Honestly, I think this will make us want to read your blog even more! I think we all go through that blog envy thing and wanting to keep up with the others. People with smaller blogs like me looked up to you and wondered how you did it all. It makes you human when we get to see that life is hard to balance and we all do the best we can. I’m so happy for you to just get back to doing what YOU enjoy and sharing that with us!

  42. I’m glad I found you, and I’ll be your newest follower. You have written much to ponder over and I’m new on the block and understand what you’ve said. You sure have a cute creative blog, so thanks for sharing.

    The French Hutch

  43. Hi Diana, I so can relate to what you’re saying. My li’l ole blog in TX barely gets readers, but it doesn’t stop me from thinking up new and fun crafty things to do. And the blog is part of my motivation to try new things. weird maybe, but it works. I’m a subscriber to your awesome blog, so no worries. Keep doing what you love 🙂

  44. I am pretty sure that when we get to heaven, one of the questions will not be…So, how big, awesome and how much money did you make on your blog? I have to stop and tell myself that it doesn’t matter..a lot! So glad that I am in such great company! You and all the women who have commented have given me strength to make MY difference, however large or small it may be. Thanks girlie-you are beyond AWESOME!

  45. Good for you! Very small blog here but I so appreciate each and every follower (that I consider great friends) I don’t have advertising – I’d love some extra $ but I bet it is a hassle. Blogging is fun and the most special part about it is that I’ve found something I really enjoy and am learning so much from others. I can’t believe the things I have learned how to do – like my first time I used a table saw! I was so pumped!
    My philosophy is to blog about fun finds and their transformations. I’m happiest when I have an idea, a dream, and go for it. Then put it out there to share with anyone that might enjoy it. I won’t deny there are days that I feel like I am wasting my time. But then you get that one little sweet comment and it’s all good!
    Sorry for carrying on – but your blog and party are my favorites! And I have to say PLEASE don’t stop posting about your kids! The picture of what Kole made me laugh out loud (And remember when one of my daughter’s was so proud of the haircut her older brother gave her. Totally chopped off her bangs!)
    Thanks so much for your heartfelt sharing. This follower isn’t going anywhere!

  46. Diana,
    Every single one of us has had this thought one way or another, over the years I’ve had several blogs copy my formats, I’ve had people I trusted on my blog totally tried to destroy my hard work…
    I thought about walking away and shutting down…but my precious dh reminded me i started this journey to showcase my love of crafting, not to keep up with the other joneses…
    I remember telling a friend I wanted to grow our followers, I was told i would be lucky if I can get 300, cause everyone else is doing tutorials… I followed my heart guess what we are at over 5150 followers now…
    Thanks for sharing

  47. Thanks for your honest share! I feel the same way. I cannot blog everyday but love finding new ways to use and recyle stuff. I love being inspired. It is hard to compete to with some of these blogs that seem like professional designers. I like to see orginal creative ideas and such. my house will never look something out of a magazine but I hope there is something that will inspire people. You have some awesome ideas so don’t be discouraged by other seemingly “perfect” bloggers.


  48. Hi, Im new to your blog 🙂 {and new a new blogger as well}
    Seriously, I dont know how you craft bloggers do it. By the time I finish a craft project the holiday has already passed and its time to do another! lol And Im not even a crafty girl (just a copy cat as you so very well said in your post).

    I just love your honesty, it’s so refreshing and I love that you are consciously deciding to have fun with this.

    I’ll be sticking around, not just for the craft inspiration but because I would like to “know” more about you – whether its a craft, your kids or just a simple weather post 🙂

  49. I don’t know how I got to your blog tonight….first time reader here….I was just browsing around other blogs and yours popped up.

    All I can say: “Good for you” Glad you are going back to do it for yourself and nobody else.

    So many bloggers including myself struggle with finding their voice and their place in certain blogging tribes and many time we lose our focus just so we can belong….it’s not worth it. I found that out the hard way!

    Btw, you just gained another follower!

  50. What a great…and timely post! I just looked at my blog tonight and saw I had lost 2 followers. Your post reminded me that I should be blogging for my enjoyment, not to gain “fans”. I’m sure I’ll have to remind myself over and over not to get hung up over the numbers, and this post will be one I’ll be returning to for that encouragement! Thanks friend!

  51. Thank you. It was inspiring to read this post. I blog for my own enjoyment {although I do like to have followers}. I thought I was doing something wrong by not having advertisers but your post made me realize that I enjoy what I do and that is okay. And thank you so much for hosting every week. You are an inspiration!

  52. I completely understand what you are saying and agree that this should be for fun. I am not doing advertising, but if I may ask why are you stopping the ads? Just curious since this is unfamiliar territory for me. Is it because there is so much pressure to post often? I was concerned about losing some creative control on my blog if I used advertising, but wondered if there is some other reason not to.

  53. Right on! You just verbalized all the things that have been spinning around in my brain for the last 5 months. Thank you for easing some of my anxiety!
    I started reading your blog when i began blogging and i really enjoy it. I love seeing family and kid pics. It makes you a real person to your readers.
    Thanks for being brave for the rest of us. 🙂

  54. To me you are one of the top blogs I look at. I like that post about your kids and your beliefs and what ever is on your mind. I know my blog is small and hasn’t quite found what it is suppose to be, for now I’m floundering, like my life, and just enjoying the ride. Just last night I wanted to admit to everyone how imperfect my life really is. Maybe I’d be liked more if I was imperfect, who knows? Thanks for sharing, Katharine

  55. Girlfriend, I craft out of my closet and rarely come up with my own ideas. I have been running my current blog for 2 years and just hit 35 followers. I always feel like something is wrong with my blog! BUT I am not going to stress over making it anything but ME. I will continue to link up to linky parties and hope for the best! I am now your FOLLOWER!

    PS I actually stop following blogs that get too commercialized. If you pay attention, they slowly stop posting actual projects and post fluff. And the funny part is, more people start following them…. blah!

    Have a great day!

  56. Hi Diana,
    This is so me.. I am glad to hear that I’m not alone and you are such a sweety to share that realism.. What you are doing is great and I think most of us are going to stick around with you, because you are AWESOME.. 🙂 Stay this way! Because that’s what I like about you..
    Let’s party for the changes.. 😉

  57. we JUST did a nearly identical post on this on friday after 1 of us had to leave a blog dinner early due to freaked out/new dad hubby. diana you’re awesome. your blog inspires people and that’s a huge talent you have. be a mama first, no one dies saying “crud, i should’ve blogged more!” i mean, c’mon! SO MANY blogs out there feel this way. ignore the clique of bloggers that make you feel like this {we all know who they are} and keep doing what you’re doing. i’m amazed you’re stopping the ads, that says so much about you and your integrity and just how amazing you are. we’ll always read you…even if we let our blog die down haha! XOXO kelli & kristi

    ps: doesn’t it make you sad your personal blog is behind?? mine is too and it aggrivates me so much, like i’m going to remember the cute things my kids said that i used to blog about every couple days. i’m taking a stand!! 😉

  58. Thanks for sharing this. I sometimes feel like my blog isn’t good enough, but in the last few years I have found that it’s really for me to share my random thoughts. I only have 44 followers and probably only 4 really read. And I’m totally fine with that now. It’s fun to share my little world with people that I know. And if I meet new people along the way, or get great new ideas, that is great! And it’s comforting to know that I’m not alone in this. Have a great day!

  59. So I found your blog last night and read you post and it made such an impact on me. I haven’t been able to shake what you wrote. I have been considering starting a blog but got hung up on so many details. I stopped before I even started! Many of my concerns you expressed in your post and it gave me hope. I just want to share a little bit about my life and make some new friends. Anything else is icing on the cake. Thank you for being so honest and you have a new follower in WNC. 🙂

  60. As you can see from many of the comments…we are all pretty much in the same boat. Blog envy is an easy thing to get hung up on. When I first started reading other blogs, I became unhappy about my house. “It’ll never look like all those other bloggers houses…” I guess we just need to be happy where we are with what we have.

    I’m a copycat crafter too!! I’m not so creative in coming up with the ideas but I sure can go to town with someone else’s ideas. 🙂 I have four bins full of thrift store stuff to put to use making some of the things I’ve seen. lol

    Take care. And thanks for saying what I’ve been feeling.


  61. I love reading your perspective. Although I write a mainly sewing blog, I almost exclusively read NON-crafting/sewing mommy blogs. Somewhere along the way I kind of accidentally ended up blogging about sewing. I am amazed with some of the crafting blogs that have over 20,000 subscribers in Google reader. Wow the pressure to produce must be tough. I’m kind of glad to hear you say you are giving up the advertisers. I have nothing against blogs that have advertisements, it doesn’t bother me. I try not to say never, but I don’t think I’d ever put advertising on my blog. I’m sure after that post you will have even more followers and more true readers!

  62. Wow D! It seems like you hit a big topic for everyone. Look at all those comments from your fellow bloggers feeling like minded! Thank goodness it’s not just us! 🙂 even tho I’m a TX girl; I’m still such a little squeak!
    This is an awesome, honest post and well done my friend!

  63. Ok, this is TOTALLY how I feel right now! lol Im a new blogger (only 4 months old) and Im always checking other blogs followers and such. I too am a “copycat” crafter. Along with your newest follower. Ive been a “stalker” until now. lol Have a great day!

  64. Okay…somehow I missed this post when you put it up!! Way to go girl! To me you are one of the big bloggers and it is refreshing to know that you have the same feelings as the rest of us. Some of the big ones never even reply to a single comment you leave them. I know they are busy but even if you comment on all of their posts, you don’t get a response. Even thought I am small I TRY to reply to all of the comments I receive.
    I often feel inadequate but I just keep moving ahead. I am still having fun and enjoying what I am doing so I will continue on until it isn’t fun anymore.

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