{Come to Mama, Sweet Little CRICUT}

I was in Hobby Lobby today (no surprise there) and I saw an older man plunk down $300+ in cash for a Cricut Expression. I nearly made a comment like “I’m coming to your house for Christmas” but kept my mouth shut and just sighed wishing someone was buying me one. Over the weekend I had tinkered around on Ebay, bidding away for various Cricuts. I came very close to winning one but then felt relieved that I didn’t because I was still unsure about spending such a big amount of money.

Then tonight on a whim, I decided to check out Ebay again. I found a brand new Cricut Create with a Don Juan Cartridge included with the auction ending in like 15 minutes. So…………….I put in my bid at $106 as my maximum bid. Not sure why I chose that number. Maybe because I had just lost a bid on the same machine by only being willing to pay $105. It sold for $106. Second guessing myself…………….again (boy is this getting old!) I checked Ebays policies on canceling a bid. Realizing I had no legit reason, I just sat and watched as time ran out. And lo and behold, I WON! 86 bucks!!!!!!! Now I know that the Cricut Expression is the latest model but I think this one is perfect for me. I’m comfortable with that price and I can.not.wait. to get it in the mail and give it a whirl!

Now, the question is…….what cartridge should I buy first? Any suggestions?

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  1. Hurray…I am so glad you got it…and for $86…that’s great. I use my zoobaloo a lot, but recently bought the calligraphy set and Lyrical set and I LOVE all the different fonts on those. You definitely need to get one that has gift tag cut outs, etc…have fun!!!

  2. What the hell is a cricut???? lol 🙂
    You can teach me next week! (Will you have to delete my comment for profanity??? 🙂

    I am thinking I’ll come up Tues afternoon? I think I have a FREE make-up trial at 11am.

  3. Oh you are in for so much fun! I was making snowflakes last night to make a wreath with my Cricut. I love that it is so versatile for scrapbooking, cards, home decorating, school projects, you name it! HAVE FUN!

  4. I have the Cricut create and I really like it. A fun cartridge is Wild Card {if you like making cards}, the Home Accents/Decor Solution cartridges are also good…lots of birds and flourishes. Perfect for well, home decor. Have a safe and happy holiday!!!

  5. Great deal!

    I am getting one for Christmas. heavy sigh . . it is under my tree right now and I can’t touch it. =(

    I can’t wait to try it out!

  6. I just won bids on Ebay for the Tags, Bags, Boxes and More cart and the Opposites Attract one. yeah! I think this should keep me busy for awhile. 🙂 It better because I’m broke now! lol

  7. Hi there! I just found your creative blog; you have lots of cute stuff. I bought myself the Cricut Expressions at Walmart’s Black Friday sale for $188. Not quite the bargain that you got, but I was sooooo excited! Mine came with 2 cartridges: Serenade & Plantin School Book. While we were there, I also bought the Designer’s Calendar cart on sale.

    Right now, Michael’s craft store has their carts on sale for 50% off! I bought two more that I can’t wait to try out: Sports Mania & Fabulous Finds. Oh, and if Michael’s is out of the one you want, they’ll give you a rain check for the sale price. 🙂

    Happy Cricutting! ~ April (Sorry for the long comment!)

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