Children’s Printable Garden Album

Children's Printable Garden Album

Children and gardening are a great combination. If you have a youngster who loves spending time in the garden, or they’ve already sown some seeds, this Children’s Printable Garden Album is a fun spring/summer project. It is easy and quick to make, and ready for them to fill with drawings and photographs of their gardening adventures.

The album has space for eight pictures, a place to write down what they love about their own garden, and a little diagram showing the essentials of growing plants.

Seeds are a fun and affordable gift for children. Why not pop a packet of herb, vegetable or flowers seeds in an envelope, along with this album? Choose easy-to-grow seeds — most seed companies now produce child-friendly packets. There is nothing more exciting than picking and eating something you have grown yourself. Fresh peas, straight from the pod. Now if that doesn’t encourage a child to love veg, then I don’t know what will. They could even grow edible flowers and use them to decorate a cake.

To make the album:

  1. Print the album on copier paper or light card stock (click on the image below to download the two-page pdf).
  2. Cut out and fold along the centre line, printed side out.
  3. Join the two pieces by glueing the tab on the first sheet to the inside of the second sheet.
  4. Glue the backs and fronts together to create one long strip.
  5. Fold in a concertina style, front cover facing you, opening on the right.

You can secure your album with a ribbon or clip. One of Diana’s Glitter Clothes Pins would look rather lovely too.

Children's Printable Garden Album PDF

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