Children’s Party Cookie Decorating

 We recently had a birthday tea party for my oldest daughter, full of girly decorations and super girly activities.  Playing dress-up with real makeup and making butterfly necklaces were among the favorites, not to mention selecting from a whole table of pretty treats.  I had another activity that I thought would be super fun if the children needed to sit down.  Cookie decorating!  Since the party was outside in the morning, I had to prepare everything the night before and have it gathered in an easy-to-carry manner.  While I was putting together the cookie decorating tray, it crossed my mind that this would be a great activity to transport to a classroom holiday party or to have ready to pull out for a playdate!   I simply baked up a whole bunch of tiny sugar cookie cutouts and placed them on a plate.  I mixed up several colors of frosting and packaged them in mason jars – easy to transport and store, easy for the children to pass around a table.  Then, I poured small portions of a variety of sprinkles into tea cups to compliment our tea party theme – again, easy to pass around a table.  I placed everything in my trusty Pepsi crate and it was ready to go!

You can find my go-to cutout sugar cookie recipe here.

For a yummy, easy frosting recipe, go here.

And for more butterfly tea party inspiration, come visit me at girl. Inspired.,  here.

What’s your favorite party activity? 

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