How to Care for Violets

How to Care for Violets

Good morning! I’m Linda from Night Owl Corner and I’m happy to be here today on The Girl Creative to share my no-fail tips for having beautiful violets that bloom year-round. Our kitchen window sill is home to three violets that are always full of gorgeous blooms. People are always complimenting them and asking what the secret is to getting them them to bloom so well…today I will tell you just how to do that!

Violet leaves do not like to get wet so the plant should be watered from the bottom. Once a week, fill a dish with a couple inches of water and 10 drops of Miracle Grow Liquid African Violet Food. You can buy the plastic dishes shown below at Lowes or any home improvement store. Sit the violet in the water for 2-3 hours.


As violets age their stem tends to twist to one side, typically trying to grow in the direction of the sun. To minimize this, turn your violets weekly so the same side is not always facing the sun. I normally just place them back in the window in a slightly different position after I water them.

Violets need to be repotted about every six months. Step one in the process is to occupy your child so you can repot without interuption! The TV in my husband’s shed / man cave comes in handy here!


Use a small shovel to gently remove the violet from the pot, trying not to break too many roots, and leaving most of the roots covered in dirt.

How to Care for VioletsIMG_8513How to Care for Violets

Next gently break off the bottom layer of leaves by snapping the leaves off at the violet’s stem. I often strip my violets down to only a few leaves and within weeks they’ll come back looking much healthier. Don’t be afraid to do this. I took this many leaves off for only 4 plants:


Sometimes — especially if you’ve waited too long to repot — you will notice a little baby violet growing on the stem. You can break these new plants off and pot them. They’ll grow into a full size violet in a few months.

The soil I use is Miracle Grow African Violet Potting Mix. It’s best to dump the old dirt out of the pot and completely refresh it with new soil each time you repot because the nutrients in the soil will only last for 6 months.


Plant the violet in the soil, making sure that the stem is covered with dirt all the way up to where the leaves start.


The leaves will usually get dirt on them during this process so use a small paint brush to brush it off when you’re all done.

How to Care for Violets

If you water weekly, repot every 6 months and make sure your violets have a sunny window to sit in you’ll also be able to enjoy blooms year round!


How to Care for Violets

How to Care for Violets

It’s been great being here today! I’d love for you to pop over to my blog Night Owl Corner sometime where you’ll find fun crafts, sewing and crochet projects, DIY adventures and yummy recipes!

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