Cannoli Pound Cake

Cannolis make my heart skip a beat. I’m a sucker for a well-made cannoli. My Father bears the blame for this as, years ago, he’d pick up a couple pounds of cannolis at the bakery and eat them, along with my Grandmother, until they’d both be sick. It’s got to be in the genes/jeans – either spelling is accurate in my case. I can also finish off a quality pound cake over the course of a day or two all by myself. The Cannoli Pound Cake recipe pulls two of my culinary loves together into one heart-breaker.

The pound cake is basic, in and of itself; serve it with the cannoli sauce or alone in it’s nude beauty. The sauce is sweet, delicate, filled with flavors reminiscent of cannoli filling and is the perfect compliment to any plain pound cake – or even as a dip for sugar cookies. (By all means, buy the cake pre-made if you don’t have time to bake.) I like the way these recipes fit together perfectly like a puzzle yet, can branch off on their own and be successful. For the photo, I cubed a few slices of the cake and spooned the sauce over layers in a small cup for a trifle effect. Throw in some fresh fruit and you’ll have a Cannoli Pound Cake wonder. ¬†You can view the recipe here.


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