Burlap Christmas Ornaments

It’s that time again! We cut down our tree yesterday, and today was the tree-trimming party. What fun we had, on both accounts. Now it feels like Christmas!

Every year I like to add a few homemade ornaments to the tree, and this year I made two different kinds. One was more of a makeover (see the next post), and the other was a continuation of my love for burlap, foam stamps, and all things monogrammed. I love love love how they turned out!


-foam stamps
-craft paint
-hole punch


-Cut your burlap into desired shape. I traced a cornmeal container (the perfect size!), and it worked well.
-Punch hole in the top of the circle, being careful not to get too close to the edge.
-Apply paint to the foam stamp (I use my finger–it’s easier to control the amount of paint), then press gently but firmly onto the burlap. Let dry.
-Thread ribbon through the hole, and add any other embellishments you wish. (I added two ribbons, and a small safety pin.)
-Thread the jute through the hole, making as big of a loop as you would like. Tie in a knot at the top.
-Hang on your tree! Super cute!!

My bff also saw THESE on another blog…love them!



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