{Bulletin Board Facelift}

I went up to my office shhh, craft room to clean it up a bit and before long I was working on two projects. I really did have all intensions of getting it organized again after the mess it had become over the holidays but my meager little craft supplies must have been calling my name. And by meager I mean stuff I have kicking around the house that I better make good use. My craft spending is on hold for awhile. 🙁 Booo!!

Anyhow, while I was cleaning I saw a sorry, old bulletin board that looked like it needed a makeover. Lucky for me I happened to have my staple gun on hand and I got to work.

Just your basic el-cheap-o bulletin board.

I laid it on top of fabric (wrong side facing up) and just started folding the fabric over and stapling it along the edges.

For hanging purposes I just tied big knots on both ends of a piece of ribbon and stapled them on the back. You could probably use a hot glue gun for this whole project but I only have one stick left (insert sad, pouty face here) so a staple gun it is.

Here’s the finished project. The fabric I used is by Alexander Henry.

I mentioned earlier that I did 2 projects today but you will have to wait another day or so for that post. I can’t believe I managed to get 2 projects in today so I don’t want to waste them on one post. Who knows when that will happen again. lol

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  1. I found you through BCD today too. I love how simpley that bulletin board came together. I have one of my own I want to fix up, maybe I can find Hubby’s staple gun…

    PS that’s a favorite fabric of mine. I used it to make a dress for my little girl if you want to check it out http://creativelymom.blogspot.com

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