Brown Sugar Banana Bread

Banana bread first crossed my pallet when I was in my late teens.  We were visiting family in the hospital and had dinner in the cafeteria on the lower level.  Yikes, I know.  It was good though and over the years I was always in search of banana bread with good balance.  The sampling from the hospital as well as all the rest I’ve had were always either too dry, too moist, had too many nuts or screamed a violent death with too much of one spice.  So, I’m picky.  (smile)
Since I stared baking for journaling, I’ve experimented with several recipes. A few fell like the Grand Canyon every single time, others had some of the problems I listed above.  Last month I decided to throw a few different recipes together and see what happened… I’ll tell you what happened – I finally baked a banana bread I’ll stand by forever.  It came out just right on each occasion my bananas were over-ripening on my counter and is balanced in flavor, moisture and crumb.  It also boasts the perfect amount of ‘sticky’ on it’s top crust.  So, don’t throw away your brown bananas… mix up this piece of fabulous instead.  You can view the recipe here.


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