Book Page Rosettes + Chevron Cut Out Frame

I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I’ve teamed up with Mindy Mae’s Market.  They are a unique daily deals website and the girls that run it are the sweetest. I have a bunch of their supplies and you will be hearing me talk about them in quite a bit in future posts. 
If you are not familiar with them, here is a bit more about them:
Mindy Mae’s Market is a way of Cultivating Creativity {5} items at a time!  Whether its a craft item, home decor piece, or snazzy piece of jewelry we have {5} items posted on our site at all times, each day a new deal is posted and an old one is bumped off.  You never know what item will sell out or what item will get bumped out – so act fast!  We love to interact with our customers and get to know them, therefore we play lots of games on our Facebook page!  The most popular game is our “I’ll Take It” game, we post something we have in stock at a killer deal and the first person that says “I’ll Take It” gets it for the stated price that includes shipping!  It’s such a fun way for our customers to get a great deal and for us get to know them a little!  We LOVE getting emails with pictures of crafts made by our customers and we share them on our Facebook with a little shout-out!  We love helping them get great deals, cute products and helping them share their item and, of course, their talents!  Crafting can get expensive, and husbands can get grumpy – and that’s where we come in providing cute products, fun ideas, and great prices.  Giveaways, surprises, and fun games are a must for us!
::::::::You definitely want to get familiar with them:::::::
Okay, so as I mentioned earlier in the post, I have a bunch of supplies from Mindy Mae’s Market and after 3 weeks of sick kids, I was super anxious to get crafting.  I had this great cut out frame from MMM and I decided to spruce it up with some chevron and some book page rosettes.

1. I took the plain wood frame and I painted it with some white craft paint that I had on hand. I think the brand was Folk Art (does that sound right?).

2. Next I created a chevron stencil using contact paper (Oh yes I did! Love that stuff for stencils – thanks to Shanty 2 Chic for turning me onto that idea) and my Silhouette Cameo. For those of you with a Cameo, I used the same settings as I would for Silhouette vinyl. Once the stencil was laid out, I painted right over it with some teal craft paint.

3. After the paint was dry, I removed the stencil and did a little bit of touch up paint work.

4. I took my hot glue gun and glued a piece of white card stock to the back of the frame. Next I took some rosettes that I had made from book pages and just glued them down inside the frame.


The last thing I did was take some sand paper and I roughed up the edges and even sanded the painted surface just a bit. 
I really love how it came out. It was the perfect addition to my shelf now that Valentine’s Day is over. I needed something for everyday and this did the job. 

IMG_1135 IMG_1132

Stay tuned for most crafts using supplies from Mindy Mae’s Market.
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