{Cranky Prego Rant} Beware!!!

I’m feeling Blah. I have not been able to do anything craft wise in WEEKS! My kitchen remodel is taking up my whole house (which is not a lot). This is the 4th week in a row that it’s been going on and I had been doing really good at keeping calm and positive and just taking it one day at a time but now…..cranky alert level HIGH! I have no counter tops, no sink and no appliances hooked up except the fridge. We’ve been eating every meal out basically and I totally l.o.v.e. eating out but…..this is getting crazy!! Ahhhh……..

I even sit and think “hmmm, what can I blog about?” and guess what? I got NOTHING! lol Valentine’s Day is coming up and there are Valentine’s posts galore all over blog land and still…..NOTHING! Just can’t get my little prego mind to put anything together.

Oh wait! I just remembered that I had a post ready to go and could not remember where I downloaded all of my pictures to. Sigh.

Had a guest post lined up and had issues with photos (no one’s fault – just one of those weird blogger things). So…..

I.Give.Up. this week. I hope everyone takes some time out to go through and enjoy all the links from this week’s party. I know that I have found some really great new blogs just by hopping around. 🙂

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  1. Your not alone! I’m moving on the 26th and 3/4 of my house is packed into boxes on my main floor. So now you have to do a little dance around and in between it all just to get to the kitchen. Needless to say there is no crafting going on here either. I find it hard to read the blog roll at all because of all the fun stuff everyone is doing and making and somehow I just feel left out right now. If we were closer (and you weren’t prego lol)I’d say let’s go have a glass of wine together lol.

  2. I know how you feel! I did a kitchen reno last year!! Now I’m painting the top floor of my house – not fun! Hope you feel better soon!!

  3. Yuck! Pregnancy and no kitchen do not go well together! I’ve had sick kiddos at home all week, so I have had very little craft time too. I am working like crazy right now trying to get my boys’ Valentine’s finished so they can take them to school tomorrow.

  4. I completely understand! We just went through a total kitchen remodel through Thanksgiving and right up until Christmas! We couldn’t even put a Christmas tree up until the last minute because of all the drywall dust. I have four children, and two of them had birthdays in November…such a mess that we just went out to eat (no real parties). It was my youngest child’s first Christmas, and I hated it that I wasn’t in the “Christmas mood.” I got so tired of making waffles in the bathroom and eating microwave food! I’ll tell you though, I appreciate my new kitchen even more now that I had to do without even a bad kitchen! It will be worth it!

  5. poor girl, that’s a loooong time to be living in a mess. I’m in week 2 of my kitchen renovation too. I added a few projects to the mess while we were at it… re-doing the stairway to wood and darkening my railings and adding iron ballusters (starting tomorrow), and… I had them rip up my foyer tile (the biggest mess of all) and re-tile it. But so far I love everything. Tuesday they are putting in the granite, then after that the appliances. Hopefully it will be done in the 3 week time frame or close to it. Then, my painter comes. I have company coming the first weekend of March, so I may have to delay the painter just for the company weekend break. 5 extended family members sleeping over for 4 nights! I’m cutting it close!
    You hang in there, it will be all worth it to have it done before your new baby comes.

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