Birthday Goody Bag Update

This weekend is my daughter’s 4th birthday party (she turns 4 tomorrow) and I finally settled on a goody bag. I want to thank everyone who participated in my Goody Bag link up party a few weeks ago. If you missed it, see the post HERE and check it out. So many great birthday party and goody bag ideas.

I have all the goods but still need to put them together but here’s what it’s basically going to look like:

  • Beach bucket and shovel to hold all of the goodies ($1 each at The Christmas Tree Shops)
  • Bubbles with pretty scrapbook paper (idea from A Few of My Favorite Things)
  • A S’mores Kit (idea from Random Thoughts of a Supermom)
  • Sidewalk Chalk in bundles of 3 dressed up with scrapbook paper
  • Princess Accessories for the girls
  • Whistles, army men and cushy balls for the boys
  • Candy

Once I have them all put together you can be sure I will be taking pictures and posting. šŸ™‚

Until then……….

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  1. I always threw “at home parties” when my 3 girls were little. Bead stringing tea parties, play dough baking parties sending the girls home with mini rolling pins… ahh the memories of creativeness! Enjoy this time!

  2. Aww, this sounds so good. I can’t wait to do this stuff for Madelyn. We haven’t done a party for her yet, maybe for her 2nd. =) It’s just always blizzarding around her birthday!

  3. Happiest of birthdays. Don’t you LOVE planning children’s birthday parties? This year I made monster softies for each child and we went on a monster treasure hunt to find them. It was a MAJOR HIT (I posted about it on my blog back in May). Bet yours will be too! Haved fuuuun!

  4. Hi I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been following your blog and think its great! So great that I’m passing the Versatile Blogger award to you and mentioned you on my blog Thanks for sharing your great ideas and craftieness. I tried e-mailing you but I can’t use the button and your e-mail doesn’t seem to be listed.

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