Bedroom Makeover

I can totally appreciate how much work goes into a room renovation or re-do. Especially after all the work we’ve done to our house. Before we moved in we had to remove mirrors from E.V.E.R.Y. wall in the master bedroom. Yes, every wall. Don’t even ask! I don’t wanna know who lived here before us and what they were doing in there! So anytime I see a bedroom makeover, now matter how big or small, I can appreciate it all the work that goes into it, mirrors or not!

Lori over at Life as Lori gave her daughter’s room a makeover and wow, what a difference!

Here’s the before:

And the After:

Pretty amazing, right? Check out her post HERE with more pictures and for info on what celeb inspired them!

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  1. I love room makeovers!

    Funny story: My sister just bought a house, and had to rip out wooden picture frames that had been nailed into the walls, through the frame. Each one had 20-30 nails holding it in. She said it was really confusing.

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