Be Inspired Link Party No. 82

Welcome to the Be Inspired weekly link party! I’m so glad you’re here!

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:::::This week’s 411:::::

How was everyone’s week? I feel like every week we have had some ailment or another. This week my oldest and youngest were sick with a bad cold and fever. My middle girl started physical therapy for her foot so we’ve (I really mean me) been running her around for that. Last night I made an impromptu trip to Target at 10pm because my dog decided to pee all over our bed. On MY side of the bed. Went right through the comforter (which we only have one of), to the sheets and mattress cover. We only have one good set of sheets (pathetic I know!) so I had to run out into the freezing cold to Target to pick up some bedding. My dog is 13 and has NEVER done this before. Maybe he’s mad at me for some reason?  I have no idea!

In other news I’m still following Weight Watchers and counting smart points. This is a big deal because I was up .2 last week and in the past I would let that derail me. Not this time. I’m determined. I know there has been mixed feelings on the whole smart points thing. I actually like it. I am not hungry at all. I’m making better choices because things high in sugar and saturated fat are higher in points so I’m choosing not to spend my points on them……….well most of the time I’m choosing not to. Ha!

So, that’s been my week.

Here’s what you  missed this week if this if your first time stopping by:

Valentine’s Day Activity Sheet

Valentine's Day Activity Sheet - Print them out and use them for place mats during your Valentine's Day breakfast. Laminate them and use them over and over again!

Laffy Taffy Valentines

Laffy Taffy Valentines are the perfect classroom valentine treats. Great for last minute classroom parties. Free Valentine's Day Printable

We had a great party last week, as usual. Here are a few of my favorites:

Retro Camper Hoop Art // Flamingo Toes


Gumball Machine Cookies // Moms and Munchkins


Are you guys ready to party? I know I am!!

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day weekend! Remember Jesus Loves You more than anyone else in the world!

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