Be Inspired Link Party No. 76

Boy oh boy what a week and a half this has been!! I woke up early last week with some pain in my wrist. Thought it was from too much texting or blogging……or both! By Thursday I was in a lot of pain with barely any use of my left hand. I have pretty much been like that until yesterday when I had my 3rd doctor visit. Whatever the orthopedic DR did to my thumb and wrist yesterday worked wonders and by the time I left I was feeling so.much.better. I’m still not 100% but dude, I can use my hand. I never knew how much I relied on BOTH hands. I mean, you think that would be a no brainer, right? Ugh! Couldn’t do ANYTHING: put my hair in a pony tail, get dressed, BLOG! lol But God is good. Through it all I came to realize just how blessed I am. There were definitely “woe is me” moments but then I thought of how much worse some people have it and I knew that I could endure. I have a new found appreciation and sympathy for people who deal with chronic pain. You are in my prayers.

Link Party -NEW NAME

Welcome to Be Inspired! The comfy, cozy, linky party where we share our projects and then share the love by clicking around. No rules – just fun!

I’ve been HORRIBLE with features lately. I have been feeling awful about that. I have a bunch tonight to hopefully get back on your good side!


Sea Salt Double Chocolate Cookies


Ornament Oreo Cookies


Christmas Chalkboard Inspiration


Christmas Morning Coffee Gift Basket


Washi Tape Christmas Trees


Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags


Best Vanilla Almond Sugar Cookie Cutouts

hershey kisses

Hershey Kisses Gift Idea

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  1. There are so many amazing looking link-ups here, I don’t know where to start! New recipes are everywhere, which is very inspiring. Thanks so much for hosting such a great link-up, and I’m glad your wrist is feeling better! Have a lovely Christmas!

  2. Hello sweet lady! I appreciate you hosting each week, thank you! Please stop by our party that starts tonight @ 7 pm and goes until Friday @7. We love to party with you and we pin and tweet everything! Happy Holidays! Lou Lou Girls

  3. Was it carpal tunnel? My hands/wrist bother me when I’ve done a lot of computer work or texting. I’m wondering what kinds of issues my kids will have!

    1. They said tendinitis but I’m thinking it may have been carpal tunnel also. It still hurts a bit but no where near where it was a month ago. 🙂

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