Back To School Supply Cake

Hey there! It’s Ellora from over at Creatively Southern here again to share a fun back to school idea that’s sure to earn you an A+ with the teacher this year! 😉 It’s hard to believe it’s time for back to school already, and lots of us are out scouring the stores for that long list of supplies. Well, who says getting school supplies has to be boring!? This year, we will be making a Back to School Supply Cake to donate to some local schools to show our appreciation to our hard working teachers!



Here is the list of supplies we used to make our “cake”:

10 boxes crayons

12 glue sticks

10 bottles of School Glue

3 boxes of Crayola Markers

2 packs of Expo dry erase markers

3 trial size bottles of hand sanitizer

1 box of no. 2 pencils

rubber bands


pencil cup

and crayola color bucket of markers

one box of Kleenex

4 boxes of colored pencils


To make the cake I cut and covered a piece of foam poster board with some pocket folders. Then I picked up a bucket of Crayola markers that was the perfect size to build the cake around. I found these at Target for about $7.00 in the school supplies! 

Then start putting all your supplies together. .First, the crayons and some glue sticks. Then the school glue. I put a box of Kleenex on top of the color bucket and used the colored pencils and crayola markers to cover it up. 



The top layer is a pencil cup with Expo markers wrapped around it. Inside the pencil cup is 3 bottles of hand sani (the small ones) and a box of pencils!

Everything you see here came from Target. All of the supplies in the cake are held together with rubber bands.

I wrapped ribbon around the rubber bands to hide them nicely, and embellished a little some some cutout star shapes and some wooden school bus plaques that I picked up at Joanne’s for $.59 each! 




And here it is! A fun way to put all those back to school supplies together for that special teacher, and show them how much we appreciate all they do!! What back to school activities are you planning this year!? 

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