6 Tips for Growing Your DIY Blog and Increasing Traffic

The Girl Creative has been my “baby” since 2009 but I started blogging long before then. I am not an expert and I don’t have all the answers or know every secret to growing your blog but I’ve learned a few things this past year and have come up with this list of 6 Tips for Growing Your DIY Blog and Increasing Traffic. This post is not the end all in growing your blog and I’m sure there are many other ways. These are just some things that have worked for me and I wanted to share the wealth! Holla!

6-Tips-for-Growing-Your-DIY-Blog and Increasing Traffic


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  1. Do you (or anyone) have specific advise for trying to reach out to similar bloggers in regards to the “tribe” aspect? Ive been turned down, like a lot, and it’s pretty discouraging. I dont stink or bite and i dont think i suck. So, hopefully I’m doing it wrong and would love specific advise in that category!

    1. Hey Corinna!! I just checked out your blog and it’s great!!! I’m not sure which bloggers you’ve reached out to or if they are ones that you’ve been actively following (like regular commenting, sharing their stuff on social media, etc.) but my advice would be to reach out to some of those who you admire and who maybe have a similar following as you do. Being active in FB groups is a great way to get to know others and for other bloggers to get to know you. If you haven’t already, click the link in this post to join my Blog it Forward group. Friend request me on Facebook (Diana Mauro Miller) and I will look through my groups and see which ones I can add you to. πŸ™‚ Hang in there!!!! XOXO Also, request invites to my Pinterest boards – pinning to those will help with getting your name out there. πŸ™‚

    2. Hi Corinna! Have you had any luck with forming/joining a tribe? I was just about to ask the same question when I saw yours.

      Diana, I would love to be connected with your Facebook groups and Pinterest boards as well! May I send you a friend request?

      Thank you for this helpful advice!

      Stacy @Anastasia Vintage
      http:// anastasiavintagehome.blogspot.com

  2. So, I found you through google+ which is something I just joined less than 2 weeks ago. It’s fun but keep trying to remember to do more with it. I try to add my post a little and share a lot. Hope it works pretty much the same as FB. Am I right?

    Would you add me to your Pinterest boards, where you think applicable? I love Pinterest, but never thought of a scheduler and for so long I thought that if I just posted a pic once or twice, that was it. I am trying to do more frequently now. And I have been invited to recipe boards, but my blog covers a few topics so unsure where to go: home decorating/diy/parties/entertaining/chocolateanything/family/etc.
    Thanks so much!!!! I am definitely sharing/pinning now.
    Great to meet you. I’ll follow your social media now, too.

    1. Hi Dana!! Yay! My first G+ referral!! Woo hoo!!! I added your email to my Google doc and will add you to some group boards this week. πŸ™‚ There is so much to know about blogging and social media- you’d be amazed! I’d love to help out where I can. Just let me know!! XOXO

  3. These tips are great! Thank you so much! I just started a blog (THIS WEEK!) and I’ve got lots to work on now. I wondered if there were certain peak times on pinterest and I had no idea that you could sign up for a scheduling service!

    1. Congratulations on starting your blog, Natalie!! Please let me know if you have any questions. I’d love to help and get you going with blogging and social media and all that fun stuff!! πŸ™‚ XO

  4. Hi Diana! I came across your post on Lil’ Luna’s link party and am SO thankful.! Such great tips and I love your encouragement & support of fellow bloggers. Excited to explore group boards on Pinterest and really appreciate the opportunity you extended. Will for sure be in touch and hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Hey Stefanie!! I’m so you found me! πŸ™‚ You have such a cute blog! I look forward to adding you to my group boards on Pinterest. πŸ™‚ XOXO

  5. Thanks so much for this lovely, well-organised post. The tips make a lot of sense. I’m new to blogging (how much longer will I be able to say that and get away with it?) and really need this … First of all, I’m bookmarking this page! Then I’m going to incorporate 1 tip at a time. Wish me luck πŸ™‚

  6. Diana! What a great, great post! I am fairly new to the blogging world and there is so much to soak in! Thanks for letting me add my email to the Pinterest group board! Whoo Hoo, very exciting! πŸ™‚

  7. I tried to join your group on facebook, but it said that it was a closed group and there wasn’t a spot to request to join. How would I go about joining?

  8. Thank you for the helpful information I found you via Pinterest! I am new to the blog world and it is a little overwhelming! But your tips are very helpful! I would love to be added to your DIY Pinterest group boards!

  9. Hi Diana, u just found this through Pinterest and honestly it’s the most useful thing I’ve read on blogging in ages πŸ™‚ I’ve seen loads of advice for parent bloggers but I can’t ever seem to find anything for people who do crafts / DIY. I can’t open your google doc but if you could add me to your DIY projects board I’d really appreciate it, I’ll also be checking out that Facebook group πŸ™‚ thank you!

  10. Thank u so much for this! I have read many of these tip posts but this one is the best. The advice actually has practical tips, thank u so much. I tried to add myself to the google document but couldnt πŸ™

  11. Great post Diana – I think you’re so right about tribes. Even with lots of interaction on social media it’s easy to get lost in your own world … if nothing else having people you absolutely trust to bounce ideas off is brilliant.

    I have a whole bunch of group boards covering blogging, home and food which you’d be very welcome to join.

    1. Thanks so much!! I’m very VERY forgetful, so if you could add your email address to the Google Document (link is in the post) I will add you to the group boards from there. πŸ™‚ XOXO

  12. These are all fantastic tips, Diana! Some of these I am already doing and some I really need to work on. After attending Snap my mind is reeling with all the things I want to do with my blog. And you hit on many of the key points.

  13. Hi Diana! I am a nurse practitioner specializing in fibromyalgia and chronic pain and I’ve recently started FB and pinterest pages focused on helpful tips for people with these conditions. I post information on healthy eating, exercise, and managing chronic illness. So many bloggers and work at home folks are venturing into online careers because their medical conditions have forced them out of their 9-5 careers, myself included, and I’d like to be able to reach more of this demographic. I’m still REALLY new to blogging but my goal is to have 50% of my practice be online consulting in a few years. So I’d love to join your group, and please pass my info along to anyone you know who is struggling with chronic pain. My sites are strictly educational and medically focused, I’m not trying to scam anyone into buying crazy products πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for the informative article!

    Medea Karr FNP (like or follow on FB or Pinterest)

  14. Thanks for all the tips Diana!!
    I just started blogging recently and really attempting to to drive traffic this week. I found your post from the Whimsy Wednesday link party. I have been doing those regularly but this week my focus is going to be really figuring out Pinterest. I have been on there for a few years personally but I am going to start working on using it to increase traffic. I think your tips a going to be my starting point. πŸ™‚
    I would love it if you would stop by my blog and take a look.
    Thanks again for all the tips!!
    Ashley @ LeavingTheRut.com

    1. Hi Ashley! I’m so glad you found me and that you found this post helpful. πŸ™‚ I will go check out your blog now. πŸ™‚ Xoxo

  15. Great post! Thanks for all the info. I have only been blogging for a few months now and there is so much to learn. It can really be discouraging at times. I would love to be a part of your groups if you will have me πŸ™‚

    Also thanks for featuring my crate coffee table at your last link party! So exciting!

  16. Great post, Diana! I just recently started joining group boards on Pinterest and am already seeing the benefit. I added my Pinterest e-mail address to your spreadsheet so I can start pinning with you. I’ll definitely be looking into Ahalogy too. I couldn’t tell from their website about the cost? If you don’t mind, can you e-mail me about it if you’re not comfortable sharing in a comment reply? Thank you for sharing these excellent tips. I pinned and stumbled them.

    1. Aww so glad I could help! Don’t forget to join the Facebook group. I will look for your application and approve it right away. πŸ™‚ XO

    1. Hi there! I just need some time to play catch up. πŸ™‚ I will open the boards up again soon. Shoot me an email so that I can remind you. πŸ™‚ XO

  17. Hi, great information! I would love to join some of your Pinterest group boards but I couldn’t sign up using the document you provided. How can I join?

    Hugs, Lynnie

  18. Wow! Thank you! This has helped a lot! I have owned a retail Christmas Store, Miss Cayce’s Christmas Store, Midland Texas, with my sister for the last 30 years! We entered the blogging world several years ago but feel like we are stuck? Your suggestions make since so we will give them a go!
    Would love to work with you! My sister will reach out and see if we can help you too!

  19. Great post! I also just requested an add to your FB group. I’m not a DIY blogger but I have a category on my popular travel website for DIY projects and I am looking for ways to network and collaborate with DIY bloggers interested in guest-posting and cross-promoting their work to a new audience (I’m in a million travel blogger groups but have no idea how to approach the DIY world). If you have any ideas for me, I’d love to hear them!

  20. I would love to join your Pinterest group boards… DIY Projects, Inspiring DIY and Recipe Box. Your Google doc is full. So I thought I would just comment. This email is for my Pinterest account.

  21. I feel dumb, I didn’t even KNOW there were “groups” on Pinterest ….I just requested to join your blog it forward group, and did click the from to fill out but it said I need permission first….. This is such a great collection of tips, I’m going to read and re-read and get cracking! πŸ˜€ Thanks again, your site is looking so wonderful and eye popping….and I’ve been following you since 2009. XOXO

  22. Ok, I recently have been wanting to help our blog grow and I had no idea about facebook groups. I tried to join the one you listed but it wouldn’t let me fill out the application. Also how does one go about finding other groups? I feel so clueless.

  23. Hi, I Just requested to join the Facebook group and it said I needed to fill out an application. I clicked on it and the firm was not there. I am on a mobile device, would that matter? Thank you for this great post!

  24. Hi there,
    This post is so informative! Thanks for sharing your wisdom πŸ™‚ I just started blogging- actually, I’ll be launching my blog April 1st, 2015. I’ll attempt to apply what I’ve learned in this post for some blogging success of my own.


  25. Great list! Thank you so much for putting it together. I work in web publishing (in a very different niche!) but am just starting out in DIY blogging, and am astonished at how different this landscape is.

    I notice you don’t mention search engines at all. Is SEO something you actively work on? I actually found your site via a Google search, so you must be doing something right πŸ™‚

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