5 Ways to Celebrate Summer

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Summer is coming to a close and boy did it go super fast this year! We vacation at the very end of August each year so I have come up with fun ways to celebrate summer until we leave. Most of the time I’m gearing my plans towards my kids but I’m a kid at heart so I enjoy them too. Here are 5 Ways to Celebrate Summer that anyone can do, anywhere.

5 Ways to celebrate summer

5 Ways to Celebrate Summer

  1. Take a Driving Tour:  Our NY summer was super hot this year. Although we have a pool, sometimes they kids just wanted to get out and so something. I’m not a big fan of melting in the heat and humidity but I don’t mind taking a drive somewhere that we’ve never been. So, I looked up driving tours for our county and found a bunch that I didn’t know about. This gave us the opportunity to get out of the house and explore. We found this adorable little bridge and stream that we never knew about. Plus we played a road trip scavenger hunt that kept everyone occupied on the drive.
  2. Go to the Library: This may seem like a no brainer but we don’t get to go to the library often during the school year because of our busy sports schedules. Plus with the amount of homework and school work given out these days, I find there isn’t much interest in going to the library “for fun”. But, in the summer the kids can get whatever books they want to read and rent some of their favorite movies.
  3. Visit a Local Ice Cream Shop: About 40 minutes north of where we live is this ice cream shop called Holy Cow. On our way there we pass through a few of the cutest little villages, the beautiful Vanderbuilt Mansion and and old school drive-in movie theater which makes the drive all the more worth it. The ice cream at Holy Cow is delicious and CHEAP! I’m talking we’re able to get 5 ice cream sundaes/dishes/treats for under $15. You can’t beat the taste and the price.
  4. Roast Marshmallows and Make S’mores: I know that this is something that can be done in the cool, fall air but for us, this is something we do every summer with friends. We get the most use out of our backyard in the summer with our in ground pool, deck and fire pit. The kids love it and it’s a fun way for us to celebrate summer with them.
  5. Relax and Enjoy your Favorite Drink: While we do all of the things listed above, the thing we do the most to celebrate summer is swimming in the pool and hanging out on the deck. We’ve only had our deck for 3 summer but this was the first summer that we were really able to enjoy it. The kids would go swimming and I’d sit out on the deck with my favorite drink and just relax. I’m a fan of anything COLD. Ask my husband. If I’m drinking it, it HAS to be cold. And not just cold but ICE cold. So, having a nice cup of Iced Coffee out on the deck has been wonderful.

International Delight Iced Coffee

During the school year I usually go for a cold soft drink after I drop my kids off at school. It’s been my routine for a long time. Being home all summer, my little drink routine has changed a bit and I’ve included International Delight Iced Coffee. My flavors of choice are the Vanilla and the Light Caramel Macchiato. I’m a sucker for anything sweet and these 2 flavors were delicious. I don’t drink hot coffee. I find it a bit strong. But somehow the International Delight Iced Coffee was the perfect strength. It was so delicious! And super refreshing in this summer heat!

5 Ways to Celebrate summer - International Delight Iced Coffee

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