5 Simple Ways to Crush Your Weight Loss Goals

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For as long as I can remember the number one thing on my New Year’s Resolution each year has been to make healthy choices and to lose weight. I’m either already on a weight loss journey that I hope to continue or I need to get my butt in gear to GET on one! I’ve dieted and followed various weight loss plans for years and I KNOW what to do to reach my goals. And for me that includes following the Weight Watchers plan. I’ve been successful on it. I’ve lost weight on it. So, with the new year approaching I’m getting my head back in the game and I’m sharing 5 Simple Ways to Crush Your Weight Loss Goals. These are all the things that I have done over the years and have found success doing them.  Allow me to note that I’m not an weight loss expert or professional. I’m just sharing the things that have worked for ME and hopefully will work for you.

5 Simple Ways to Crush Your Weight Loss Goals

5 Simple Ways to Crush Your Weight Loss Goals

  1.  Set small and ridiculously attainable goals. Normally I’m not a goal-setter. I struggle to complete things that I start so I’ve always just avoided setting goals. I know that setting goals is necessary to being successful in my weight loss journey though. So, when it comes to weight loss, if I’m going to set a goal it’s going to be one that’s ridiculously attainable. I’ve also learned over the years not to get so hung up on the numbers on the scale. So, for example, one small, super attainable goal might be to fit into a certain pair of pants by X date. If I know that the pants are only a tiny bit snug, my goal might be to fit into them in 4 months time. Now if I reach the goal sooner than 4 months I feel motivated and encouraged to keep going. Following the Weight Watchers plan and including the Weight Watchers foods and Arnold Sandwich Thins into your lifestyle can help you reach those goals too.
  2. Commit to be active. If you have a large amount of weight to lose this can be a daunting step. It doesn’t have to be though. You do whatever you can do. If it’s riding a stationary bike for 5 minutes a day, do it. If it’s taking a 10 minute walk during lunch, do it. Don’t think that if you aren’t doing 30+ minutes a day of exercise that it’s not worth it. That’s a lie. Each time that you get moving the easier it will become to go longer and farther. For example, I absolutely hate the treadmill. The thought of going down into my basement to use my treadmill was not appealing to me. Least of all for 30+ minutes. So, I started with 10 minutes. In my head I’m thinking that 10 minutes is no big deal. I can do 10 minutes. Well, my 10 minutes turned into 20, and eventually I was doing an hour on the treadmill. Oh don’t get me wrong, I still hated going down there. But once I got going, it wasn’t too bad. It also helped to have some music to listen to or a show to watch on Netflix to help pass the time. Staying active is also a big part of the Weight Watchers approach.
  3. Find a plan that you can stick to for the rest of your life. For me, this plan is Weight Watchers. It was the first weight loss plan I ever went on and I loved that I was able to eat what I loved but still lose weight. Over the years I’ve tried a number of the latest fad diets and crazes. Yes, I had success but some of them were so extreme that the thought of eating like that for the rest of my life was depressing! This girl loves to eat and loves all kinds of foods. With Weight Watchers, I learned portion control and I never felt like I was deprived. You can really set yourself up for success by utilizing the Weight Watchers foods and the Weight Watchers endorsed Arnold Sandwich Thins. So, find a plan that works for you. Choose something that you can see yourself doing for the rest of your life. Ultimately, it’s a lifestyle change that’s needed so be sure that whatever you’re doing, you can do it forever.
  4. Surround yourself with motivation and positive influences. I know this one might not be simple because sometimes the most negative influences can be sitting beside us at our workplace or sleeping next to us in our bed! But, there are other ways to surround ourselves with motivation and positive influences and they can be found right on social media. I love to search Pinterest for “motivational weight loss quotes” or “inspiring sayings”. So  many things comes up. I pin those images and refer back to them often. If you have a printer, print them out and hang them up in your office or home. Instagram is another one. I have found sooooo many inspiring weight loss stories on there. Real people, losing weight, in some of the most trying circumstances. So many times I’ve read posts that hit home and booted me right out of my funk. One of the things that led to my past successes with weight loss was the accountability of going to weekly Weight Watchers meetings and weighing in each week. The most success I ever had was when I went over a year and a half without missing a single meeting or weigh in. Not only did it help keep me accountable but it was a constant source of encouragement and support.
  5. Meal planning/prep. I’m not a huge meal planner. In fact I’m not a big cook either. Just ask my husband! lol But I find that I need to at least have foods and snacks in my house that will help me stay on track. Even though you can have carbs and bread on Weight Watchers I really try to have good carbs and eat more protein if I can. So, for me I need to have things that I can eat that are low in points and will help me stay on course. I’m a biggggg fan of cheese so I always, always have string cheese in my house. Weight Watchers string cheese is only 1 Smart Points value per serving so that is my go-to snack. It’s made with LOW FAT milk and is delicious. I’m also Italian so sometimes to make it more interesting I will wrap my string cheese in a thin slice of salami and eat it that way. That bumps the Smart Points value up a tiny bit but to me, it’s worth it. The individual packaging is also good so you can grab something on the go and not worry about taking too much.


I cut it up and stick it on toothpicks and this actually makes it last a bit longer.


For breakfast I love to have egg sandwiches with bacon and cheese but bagels are kind of high in points and carbs so instead I’ll have it on Arnold Sandwich Thins, which are endorsed by Weight Watchers. It still tastes delicious but it’s a smarter option with lower Smart Points value per serving than regular bread. They are a great source of fiber and there are a number of options to choose from.



We are big ice cream eaters in my house so I always keep Weight Watchers treats on hand in my freezer. I love how they are all individually packaged which helps assist with portion control and are no more than 4 Smart Points each. This allows me to have dessert with my family but still stay on track.  You can even enjoy the snack size novelties which are all under 100 calories each.


Without keeping an arsenal of foods and treats that are low in points and easy for me to grab, I would not have as much success crushing my weight loss goals. I picked all of these goodies up at Target, which is thankfully just a few minutes away. Plus, I pretty much live there. I do a lot of my household shopping at Target and I love that I can grab all of these Weight Watchers friendly foods there, like the Arnold Sandwich Thins and the Weight Watchers cheese and ice cream treats. I’m a busy mom of 3 so anytime I can cut down on the amount of running around I do, I’m all over that.

I encourage you to check out the full line of Arnold Sandwich Thins and Weight Watchers products during your next trip to Target. Grab a few items to keep on hand at home and make your weight loss goals a reality by being prepared to make wise choices.

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