4th of July Decorations


Fasten your seat belts, kids, because I’m about to put you into red, white and blue overload! I’ve teamed up with 109 of your favorite bloggers to bring you the ultimate Red, White and Blue roundup! That’s right. 110 projects that will wow you right into 4th of July weekend! First I’m going to show you these super cool U.S.A. letters and 4th of July Decorations I made and then you can check out the Inlinkz at the bottom of the post for the rest of the amazing projects.

4th of july decorations-lead

I have been on a magazine buying kick lately. I have not bought a magazine (other than People – what can I say? I love to see what’s going on with the celebs.) in ages. I bought FOUR during the last few weeks. I’m living on the edge. I KNOW! Anyhow, I saw these adorable letters on the cover of one of the Better Homes and Gardens Make It Yourself magazine and I knew that I’d be making them one day. Well, “one day” came last week when I needed to come up with a project for this amazing blog hop.

4th of july decorations

These letters were super easy to make but they did take a bit of time. Here’s what you need:

Paper Mache letters

Exacto Knife

Foam Sheets

Hot Glue Gun

Picture this: 90 degree weather with no AC on in the house. 2 cranky girls that just got home from school and didn’t want to do homework. One 3 year old boy running around like a chicken without a head probably high on the munchkins he had earlier that day. And me – trying to pull this project off. Ummm……..there will not be any progress pictures this time around.

4th of July decorations

I picked up my letters at Hobby Lobby for $2.47 each. Using my exacto knife I removed the front of each letter which then left me with a hollow shell. NOTE: You do NOT have to stick your knife all the way into the letter when cutting. If you just apply enough pressure along the edge while cutting and then push the knife all the way through at the end just so you can help pop the front off, you should be good. It comes off much easier that way than trying to “saw” the front off. I hope that makes sense. Darn this no progress pictures thing. They would have been super helpful for this part.

Next you want to cut your foam sheets into strips. Simply roll your strips up, pop a little bit of hot glue on the end to help keep it rolled up and fill your letters. I really wanted to avoid breaking out the hot glue because I really wanted this project to go fast but you really need the hot glue gun for this.

To complete the look of my 4th of July decor, I make a really simple banner out of patriotic napkins and some sticky ric rac that I picked up at Target for about $1.50. Now that part took me all but 5 minutes. (3 of those minutes were spent trying to keep Kole from wrecking the project before I could stage it for pics. lol) That’s it guys. Super simple, right??

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Get ready for some RED, WHITE & BLUE overload! Be sure to check out these amazing projects that my friends did as well!

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  1. Hey Diana! I love how this turned out. You are so clever to cut the letters! I hope you and yours are having a great Father’s Day. Pinning your project! x

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