The 30 Minute Wreath


I have come to the conclusion that the inside of my house is blah and I’m sooo over it! We’ve owned our house for almost 9 years and in those 9 years we’ve redone the bathroom, kitchen and living room. We’ve added bead board to the girls room (which is now Kole’s room), replaced all the windows in the house and replaced the in ground pool liner and all the pipes underground to make it funcitonal. We’ve put up a safety fence around the pool and had a small retaining wall put up in the backyard. And right now we are in the process of having a new roof put on AND my husband gutted our bedroom last week.  So, once this is all done, we really only have some siding to replace on the outside and we should be done with all of the major home remodeling.
Throughout the last 9 years I have yet to find my “groove” when it comes to home decor and style. I try. I really do. I am just no good at it.  I think I have good taste in furniture, etc. but when it comes to dressing up my walls, doors, etc……….I am at a complete loss.

I DO have some ideas of what I’d like to do on the walls but I kind of need my husband to help me with the placement and nails and screws and he’s kind of busy so I did what any desperate crafty girl would do. I made a wreath to hang on my front door which already had a nail in it. lol I’m so pathetic!
I had such great ideas for this wreath and it involved jute and felt flowers and some sprigs of Fall color. Here is what I started out with:
Wreath Form, Twine (or Jute) and some Felt.
After about 10 minutes of wrapping the Jute around the wreath and wondering why on earth I decided I wanted to do this again I only got this far.
Thinking this was taking WAY too long and I was trying to squeeze this project in while Kole was sleeping, I decided that I needed to come up with an alternative. Enter the canvas piece of Painter’s Drop Cloth under the wreath(Ohhhh yeahhh!! Did you know that the canvas drop cloth makes great fabric for projects? Cheap too. $10 for a 6×9 one at Lowes. SCORE!! I have big plans for this sucker!)

I drew a circle on the inside of the wreath and then one on the outside. Can you see the yellow on the fabric? My brilliant soooo incredibly DUMB  idea was to cut slits in the canvas on the inside of the wreath and then wrap it over the wreath and glue down. I thought I was going to do the same thing with the canvas on the outside of the wreath. I didn’t take a picture of it but THAT did not work out.
THEN it finally dawned on me………….”Cut a long strip of canvas out of the drop cloth and just wrap it around the wreath like you would a ribbon.” I could have saved myself about 30 minutes alone if I had just done this in the first place. I am so out to lunch sometimes, I even amaze myself!
Anyhow, after I wrapped the wreath in canvas, I took some felt and made these flowers to go on it.
Here’s my wreath all wrapped up – uh, sort of. I had to take a small piece of canvas and cover that empty spot up top due to my lazy lack of measuring and being about 6 inches short on the canvas strip.
NOTE: In this photo and the photo below is some velcro. My original intent was to glue one side of the velcro dots down on the wreath and then glue the other side onto the flowers making it super easy to re-use the wreath and change out the flowers/colors but I was pressed for time and just hot glued them right on.
I had an old piece of berry garland kicking around the basement so I cut off a few sprigs and hot glued them down. Then I added my felt rosettes and I stood back to admire my little creation.
I added a little twine loop and hung it on my front door.

I’m calling this the 30 Minute Wreath because had I not messed up with the jute and then the weird thing I was trying to do with the canvas, it would have been a really quick project. 🙂


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  1. Kalyn, I was thinking the SAME THING! I was wondering if there was an easy way to wrap those wreaths with the yarn/jute. I’m a quick project kind of girl. No patience for stuff that takes too long. lol

  2. This is such a pretty wreath! I know how to make those flowers so it’s actually something I could pull off myself. Thanks for sharing.

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