The Weekly Creative No. 42

Welcome to The Weekly Creative, a totally fun linky party with 6 good-looking party hosts and 6x the exposure!

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Last week I put out a contributor call and you guys rocked my socks! I sent emails out this morning to all of those that I chose so keep a look out for it!

I’ve been a total slacker on the blog lately. My last post was last weeks party post. I’ just need to get my bloggy mo-jo back. I have lots of ideas but no motivation. It could be because my almost 3 year old! Mother’s of boys – please tell me this crazy, busy, on-the-go thing is typical of boys! As I type this he’s in the dishwasher! Oy!!

We had a great party last week. So many great links I had such a hard time choosing my favorite. Seriously, I did. Since I’m on a new eating program and this sort of stuff is taboo for a little while, I HAD to go with these delicious Cookie Stuffed Brownies from Lamberts Lately. Cookie dough stuffed brownies

So yum!!!

{Be sure to click through and PIN from Lamberts Lately if you PIN this photo.}

Okay, let’s see what you’ve been working on.

HINT: I will be looking for Valentine related posts and projects to create a roundup next week so keep that in mind when linking up! I’d LOVE to feature you!

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    Thx for the party, ladies! Diana, I totally know what you mean about needing bloggy mo-jo back. I’m in a slump right now, too, but it’s because I’m not feeling inspired. I don’t know why that is…I’ve a hit a creative slump, I guess. Take care!

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