{Thanksgiving Menu Printable}

Hi ya’ll! It’s Katie from Katie{Did}It. Today I have a menu printable for you. But not just any menu. A Thanksgiving Menu of course! I thought this would be fun to put on my buffet, where the appetizers will be, so all the guests will know exactly what we’re having!

What do you think of my behind the couch table, or “buffet”, if you will? I found this sitting next to a dumpster one day. And there was absolutely nothing wrong with it! Can you believe that? Although it does have one drawer that doesn’t fit correctly, so I’m planning on taking two of the drawers out for open shelving. And giving it a fresh coat of paint, of course.

Anyways, you can see here that I wrote on the glass of the frame with a dry erase marker. Perfect!

Download Thanksgiving Menu Here
This printable is sized to fit in an 8×10 frame. Hope you like this menu printable! Send me pics of how you use it at katiedidit77 @ yahoo.com. I would love to see!

And Don’t forget, if you have an idea or suggestion for a printable, you can send me an email at katiedidit77 @ yahoo dot com, or leave it in the comments. You never know if your idea will be turned into a printable! Hope you all have a great weekend! And don’t forget to stop over and say hi at Katie{Did}It!

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